Scarlett Johansson accentuated beauties in Black Widow costume

The opinion of many fans of the cinematographic world of Marvel is that there is not and will not be another actress who is perfect for the character of the flirtatious and dangerous SHIELD spy, we are talking about Black WidowWell, with the incredible performance of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, she left them more than happy, because apart from having a great talent for cinema, her extraordinary beauty fit perfectly with Natasha.

“As a ring to the finger”, this was how some fans thought that the character fit the beautiful actress, even being a topic of conversation how beautiful she looked while wearing the spy’s tight leather suit. In a photograph that would circulate on social networks, you can see the 36-year-old artist posing from her best angles in her unforgettable black outfit.

Her iconic red hair short and straight, hanging on the sides, on the side would show off Scarlett Johansson Resting his hands on a desk and giving fans a full view of how perfectly the leather suit fit his charms, making them fall in love more and more.

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Her eyes radiated rudeness, because her character, apart from being one of the most flirtatious, is one of the smartest, most capable, most dangerous heroines, one of the best spies that SHIELD agents have, truly the strength of the character combines perfectly with the personality of the actress.

Scarlett Johansson accentuated beauties the costume of Black Widow, photo: twitter

Well, they are both beautiful, strong, intelligent women, excel in their work and cunning, since Scarlett Johansson She was one of the pioneers to enter as a female artist and acquire the immense affection of the fans, apart from the fact that she fought against the s3x1sm of her character, since in various interviews she had with the entire cast, the only questions that were addressed to her were about her physique, about the diets she went on and how good she looked.

So she is not happy with this, she fought hard so that her character would have more relevance for her actions, for her intelligence, as the installments of the films passed. Black Widow It was acquiring more prominence to the plot, even to a solo film, being the last time in which the beautiful actress would wear the famous suit.

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