Quick blender recipe: Prepare a rich garlic and oil sauce

olive oil and garlic are two of the ingredients typical of mediterranean cuisine, that is why the recipe for a sauce prepared with these could not be missing, which is also very traditional to accompany various dishes, in particular fish, shellfish, meat and grilled vegetables and fried or boiled potatoes. If you are already savoring it, don’t worry, here we bring you a rich recipe to make a garlic and oil sauce.

Better known as Aiolithis sauce is made precisely with a base of garlic, oil and regularly egg. It is very typical of Spain, although it is also used in other countries such as dressing of fast food, for example in hot dogs, sandwiches or hamburgers, and even like a dip to enjoy with snacks. It is typically made with an arm mixer, although here we tell you how to make it very easy in blender.

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