Pérez: “Verstappen is one of the best, if not the best, in F1 history”

The Mexican already sees his teammate at the height of the best in history

He is surprised by the ability he has to go to the limit from the first lap

Sergio Pérez assures that Max Verstappen is capable of doing things inside a car that many other drivers cannot. The Mexican is impressed with the skills of his teammate, whom he already places on a par with the best talents to have historically competed in Formula 1.

In his eighth season in the premier class, Pérez sees Verstappen as a truly talented and well-rounded driver who does not falter in any way. In addition, he has special abilities to be able to go to the limit, which he has not seen in many other great drivers over the years.

“Max is very good and he is a very complete driver. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the history of Formula 1, if not the best … for everything, because he has a good education and has things that other pilots do not have. The most special thing is the facility that he has to go to the limit”, Pérez acknowledged in words published by the GPBlog web portal.

During the weekends, Pérez is impressed by the ease with which Verstappen is able to go fast from the get-go. The reigning world champion is not someone who makes many changes to the car, but the ones he does make are usually important and equally, the feeling of him inside the car seems to be the same for those outside.

“Max is on the limit from the first lap and any change he makes to the car is really important. Equally, it doesn’t change his driving style which always allows him to give it his all. The difference is always a curveis a level that demands a lot from each driver”, he explained.

Finally, Pérez maintains that the abandonment of Canada was painful, so they must work hard so that problems like this do not happen again. This season could be decided by reliability and the Mexican is clear that it is necessary to improve in that aspect, since not finishing any race can cause the dynamics to change quickly.

“In Canada we retired again, it’s the second retirement of the year. We need to correct these types of problems and be perfect to be closer to the World Championship. There is still a lot of season left and everything can change in one or two races. We must continue working hard, since a point can define the year. Not giving up is very important at this point“, Sergio has commented to conclude.

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