One Punch Man 166: The death of one of the most beloved characters impacts the fandom

The most recent sleeve of One Punch Man comes with a pleasant little surprise for his fans. In its pages we see the death of Genos, one of his most beloved characters, which is already causing waves in networks.

After much anticipation in previous numbers of One Punch Manwe finally saw the confrontation between Saitama and Garou. This great battle even takes them to travel the skies showing the tremendous power that both rivals possess. Saitama may have finally found what he’s been looking for..

Unfortunately, the fight comes to a point where Genos has to get involved to help his sensei. Garou ended Genos’s life with a deadly and accurate blow that pierced his chest. This in turn caused Saitama to go into a state of shock and ready to unleash all of his fury at the death of his disciple.

One Punch-Man featured the death of Genos
Source: Shueisha

This unexpected twist has made the fandom of One Punch Man ‘lose’ his head on social media. Many insist that they cannot believe it and others think that Genos can return since he is a cyborg.. What everyone agrees on is that it was a huge turning point within the manga.

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This event has caused many to assure that this chapter of One Punch Man is one of the best. Not only from this series, but from all the manga that have come out this year. Comparing it favorably to One Piece chapter 1044 and Black Clover chapter 331.. Do you think they are correct?

Who was the victim of One Punch-Man chapter 166?

The reason that this death has caused such an impact among fans of One Punch Man it’s because it’s about Genes. After all he is considered as the secondary protagonist of this series. A 19-year-old cyborg who always seeks to improve himself and fight for justice.

Genos was the secondary protagonist of One-Punch Man.
Source: Madhouse

His relationship with Saitama is one of high respect. So he is always protecting his teacher and following his teachings to achieve his goals.. His death undoubtedly caused enormous anger in the protagonist of One Punch Man. This will probably give you the necessary willpower to finish off Garou. Was this death expected?

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