No solution in sight for the 93 MIR vacancies in family medicine and the free places due to resignations

The Ministry of Health is already working on the offerta of the 2022/23 Call for specialized health training and in the implementation of the measures of the 2022-2023 Primary Care Plan, which are considered essential for attracting and retaining talent in primary care.

It is the response of Health to the question asked by GACETA MÉDICA to find out if any additional measure was being considered to prevent, from the outset, 93 positions in family medicine from becoming definitively vacant this year, in addition to the specialized health training positions whose awardees did not take possession between June 29 and 30 and of those places in the ordinary call that have suffered the same fate.

The report on the allocation of vacant places on June 17 confirmed the allocation of 125 in the extraordinary procedure, out of a total of 218 vacancies in the annual call. It also confirmed, indirectly, what the medical profession predicted. And it is that the measure of expanding the quota of non-community citizens proposed by the Ministry would not be the solution.

In fact, only 141 applications for a place were presented out of a total of 525 applicants summoned to the session. Even so, the report highlights that the Medicine degree of the Call for Specialized Health Training has been awarded a total of 8,095 places, which represents 99 percent of the places offered.

“A Chronicle of a Death Foretold”

For Sunday Antony Sancheznational representative of the Section for Young Physicians and Employment Promotion of the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians, it is “the chronicle of a death foretold”. “The ministry has isolated itself in such a way that it is unable to know what the problem is and, above all, to take measures in accordance with the needs that are being raised”underlines in an interview with GACETA MÉDICA.

“We have a ministry that has taken a course in specialized health training that is not capable of assuming its responsibilities, not only in the control and distribution of places, but also in carrying out this coordination work with the healthcare services to provide them with professionals. in training that later have that application of being able to be specialists in the future”, warns the specialist.

The Cgcom spokesman, who recently presented a report on the vacancies of this last call with an in-depth analysis of the situation and a complete battery of responses, recalls that they are also waiting for a plan to carry out a teaching audit to see how This increase in training places in the offer that has taken place in recent years is taking place. “We believe that it should be evaluated and see what quality health professionals are coming out with. See under what conditions these specialists are being trained”, he underlines.

These vacancies are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a clear problem with specialized health training that will worsen in the coming years

Domingo Antonio Sánchez (Cgcom).

The impression of the representative of Young Doctors of the WTO is that the FSE is losing attractiveness among health professionals for different reasons. “In some cases, the ministry has its responsibility, in others, the communities. That’s where the ministry, with a supra-autonomous vision, should be able to coordinate and respond to the needs that are arising”, according to his words.

The spokesman considers that, if measures are not taken, the risk is significant, due to the lack of professionals in sight and the competition from other countries to attract very well-trained professionals, etc.

Sanchez warns of the risks of failing to make an attractive period where it is understood that a sacrifice must be made to train and recalls that in the mobilizations of recent years improvements have been requested in the conditions of the MIR, which the communities discharged in the ministerial competitions.

In fact, he reviews, a non-law proposal went ahead to urge the national government to reevaluate decree 1146/2006, which regulates the employment situation of residents.

“If we take into account that communities are hiring doctors without a specialty to do much less demanding work, we see that the outlook is complicated. People can have a vocation, but you can’t take it to the absurd and put an end to a profession like medicine”, she warns.

The impact of resignations

The report presented by the National Section of Young Physicians and Employment Promotion of the Cgcom also warned of the impact of the resignations. “It is a phenomenon that happens and it would be necessary to analyze in which teaching units it happens and find out if there is any intrinsic problem”, he points out.

Nor should we lose sight of the healthcare work carried out by these professionals, at a time when there is a shortage of doctors. The shortcomings will be suffered by the users of the system, says the spokesman.

Finally, Sánchez remarks that these vacancies are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a clear problem with specialized health training that will worsen in the coming years and that it will have repercussions that can turn the health system upside down. If we are not being competitive at a European and international level, the equations do not work out.

“If the ministry is not capable of assuming its functions, it should delegate them, as it has done on other occasions. Public law entities such as the WTO would be delighted to lend a hand, in fact, we are already doing so, trying to provide a complete vision, responsibly, based on an analysis that forces us to make decisions”, he concludes. “You have to take a different course or the future is not encouraging,” she says.

“There will be new events of this type if solutions are not proposed”

From the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians, its president, Antonio Fernández-Pro, describes this 50 percent of vacancies in the extraordinary call as a failure that they warned of at the time.

“All we are living is a consequence of the difficulties we have at the first level. We must normalize once and for all the work scenarios and, obviously, take into account that it is not just a matter of money. There are many factors that influence and there is the prestige and management autonomy. We will attend new events of this type if solutions are not proposed, ”he asserts.

“It is a huge problem that we have and it is necessary for the ministry and communities to take action on the matter and facilitate their formation and stay”

Vicente Matas (Simeg)

In the same line, Vincent Matascoordinator of the Study Center of the Granada Medical Union and former member of Urban Primary Care of the Collegiate Medical Organization, insists that the best option would have been to lower the cut-off mark to 30 percent, which would allow 565 doctors to be in conditions of choosing these 93 seats. Remember also that last year resignations in family medicine amounted to 60 places.

“Many doctors are retiring, especially in primary. In four years many specialists are going to retire and we need young specialist doctors who are offered good conditions so that they can stay in Spain. It is a huge problem that we have and it is necessary for the ministry and communities to take action on the matter and make it easier for them to form and stay”, he finishes.

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