No money and no job: After years on TV Azteca, famous ends in ruin and does this to survive

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Mexico City.- They unofficially report that a famous personality from Aztec TV would have finished broke after she was fired because the show she was on turned out to be a failure and the channel’s executives decided to take it off the air. Presumably this character was so desperate due to the lack of employment on television that she had to take a drastic measure to survive.

It’s about the lady Lupita Galanwho rose to fame since 2017 when he made his debut on the Ajusco television station participating in the reality show falling in lovewhich at that time was led by the dear Carmen Munoz and thanks to its format it became a success for the rating of Canal Azteca Uno. However, it must be remembered that the project was canceled in 2020 after the arrival of the pandemic.

For her first appearance in the love contest, the lady presented herself as a businessman Originally from CDMX and very proud of her work, she explained that she was dedicated to sell clothes in the tianguis. Doña Lupita expressed from the beginning that she longed to be as ‘loving’ in falling in love and also assured that his main objective was to make love to Carlos Calderonbetter known as ‘The Shulo’.

I said ‘I’m going for El Shulo, I don’t want to come for a date with him’, I’m loving, “explained the popular businesswoman.

This 2022 Galán returned to the TV Azteca screen after a couple of years away and the producers called her to participate in the third season of Survivor Mexico. However, now the magazine TVNotes brought to light that the lady of 55 years accepted this job for a difficult reason: she was desperate because she would have fallen into economic crisis after the suspension of falling in love.

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A person who would be close to Lupita explained that this famous character said “yes” to participate in the contest because he wants to win the reward of two million pesos and also because they would give him a juicy salary of 10 pesos weekly for facing their greatest fears, such as going swimming in the sea and also living in a hostile environment and going hungry very often, because we must remember that survivors spend long hours without trying food.

But that’s not all, because the entertainment magazine also detailed that Galán had to sell your instagram accountin which she almost accumulated 260,000 followers, to a model because she was desperate to get financial resources to get ahead: “Lupita sold her personal Instagram account for just under 7,000 pesos, because she had the need to get her family forward, because after the extinction of ‘Falling in Love’ he was left without a screen, and therefore without a source of income”.

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