Natalia Téllez’s father touches networks by caring for his granddaughter Emilia

Natalia Téllez’s father falls in love in networks when taking care of his granddaughter Emilia. Her motherhood is bringing out the most tender side of the “Fondeados” actress, who on her Instagram account shares how she is doing in this new facet. And one of her great accomplices is her father, Guillermo Téllez, who could not be more in love with her granddaughter.

Since Natalia Téllez announced that she was pregnant with her first daughter, in a chapter of “Netas Divinas” she talked about how her family’s reaction had been when they heard the good news and said that her dad kept counting down the days to meet his granddaughter called Emilia, since he was very excited.

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In fact, the 36-year-old communicator went so far as to say that, upon revealing the news, her father was left in shock and he couldn’t say anything, but his eyes got “glassy” because he was totally happy and excited. As a result of this, her father called her almost daily to tell her that he dreamed of having Emilia in his arms.

“Every day he calls me and tells me ‘Natalia, do you know what I’m dreaming of?’ That I hug a child and that I carry a baby‘”, Natalia Téllez shared on that occasion, who also said that her father was so happy that he bought Emilia’s crib and even found the strength to carry it and give it to his daughter.

With the arrival of Emilia last February, Guillermo Téllez, who is a well-known painter and sculptor in Mexico, finally had his dream of holding his granddaughter in his arms come true. Through his publications Instagramthe host of “Netas Divinas” reveals that her father visits her frequently and shares great moments with Emilia.

And yesterday afternoon Natalia Téllez shared a image in which her father holds the little girl in his arms four months old, whom he looks at with affection. To flaunt her sense of humor, the actress wrote in the caption “Guillermo Téllez wouldn’t dare fall asleep carrying Emilia, wait, he just closed his eyes, right?”

As usual, his followers left him comments to express the tenderness generated by seeing the painter with his granddaughter. “so sweet”, “I’m dying of cuteness”“I melt” and “it is one of the most beautiful things that one lives, to see their children with their grandparents like this”.

Other users wrote that Guillermo Téllez did not close his eyes, but was watching his granddaughter. “He is watching her,” wrote one person who accompanied the comment with an emoji with hearts in the eyes, while another person commented that “Imagine your father’s feeling when he sees his granddaughter”.

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On several occasions, Natalia Téllez has shared that she has a very close relationship with her father, since he took full care of her and her sister, Artemisa, when her mother died when she was a teenager. This has allowed the driver and Guillermo Téllez to have a bond based on lovetrust and respect, as well as full of jokes and fun.

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