María Elena Morera responds to “Mrs.” García Vilchis

Elizabeth Garcia Vilchis section manager “who’s who in the lies of the week” in the morning of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pointed out to Maria Elena Morerapresident of the organization Common Cause, of spreading false news “to discredit the National Guard.”

In the Treasury Room, García Vilchis accused that on June 17 “Mrs. Morera” posted on Twitter that elements of the Army commissioned to the Guard Nacional “they became drunk and raped their companions among several.”

“The National Guard ordered to investigate what was published by the president of Common Cause via Twitter. Said exhaustive investigation showed that no records of victims or any complaint were found. No one corroborated Morera’s version, because it is false information”, declared the reader of “the lies of the week”.

“We remind you that the president of Common Cause, Maria Elena Morerawas also president of Mexico United Against Crime, and says that she is a columnist and lecturer, she has been critical of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. By the way, she was also close friends with Genaro Garcia Lunaformer Secretary of Public Security, in the six-year term of Felipe Calderón (…)

“It is also interesting to remember that Mrs. Morera in 2009, who was president of Mexico United Against Crime, received four million pesos from the Ministry of Public Security when Genaro Garcia Luna was its owner, Garcia Vilchis added.

About, Maria Elena Morera He responded on social networks to “Mrs.” García Vilchis: On Wednesdays they send him to “read” his boss’s position. Today I was mentioned with the topic of the rape of the GN soldiers to their companions. Huge scandal that was trivialized.


the president of Common Cause He maintained that “after getting drunk, members of the GN raped their companions” and “this was confirmed by several people who work in the National Guard.”

“What did the military say? That it was agreed upon,” Morera added.

“The government points out that since ‘there is no complaints of the fact‘, it didn’t happen; when we know that it is very difficult for a woman to dare to denounce sexual abuse in the military ranks,” he added.

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Likewise, Morera referred that “effectively” she was president of United Mexico Against crime and the resources obtained by the Secretary of Security were legal “and for 3 organizations (not for me) in order to develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive model of community intervention to promote security actions.”

He clarified that the relationship with Genaro García Luna came to an end when he refused to stop criticizing the Secretary of Public Security and the Federal police “And I received threats from him.”

“Yes, I have been critical and have made proposals to the López Obrador government, as I did with Peña, Calderón and Fox. I will continue to do so because what they are doing with the country in terms of security is simply criminal,” Morena wrote in response to Grace Vilchis.


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