Liga MX star game gives clues as to how this Club América squad will play

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The new additions to the America clubtogether with the template they already had in Coapathey give the width to excite the fans Cream blue Facing the Opening 2022. The signing of Jonathan Cabecita Rodriguez implies a renewed attack on the Eagleswho together with other footballers, could end up being the perfect combination to get the coveted title number fourteen.

Interestingly, the first game held between stars of the Liga MX and Major League Soccer had as protagonists many elements that today are in the ranks of Coapa. men like Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sanchez, Pedro Aquino, Diego Valdes, and little head Rodriguez saw activity in that match, and in fact it was they who put together the first goal, thanks to a combination in which Paco Memo touched forward with the Peruvian midfielder, who in turn connected with the Chilean Valdes to open the band with the Mexican side. Finally, Sanchez focused for Jonathan and the latter scored the goal.

The stars of Liga MX at Club América

A year ago the previous names had great popularity, but today they look different. To begin with, the little head arrives after a year without scoring a large number of goals, which could be decisive in the game that Fernando Ortiz poses with his new America. The same way, Not here is not at his best level, but the Tano yes he recovered Ochoa, Valdes, and Sanchez.

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