Lesbian couple discover they could be sisters

Has it ever happened that you go out with someone and then find out that it could be your family? This happened with a couple of women.

On TikTok, the couple said that after talks with their mothers, they found out that they had relationships with the same man, which raised the suspicion that they could be sisters.

Does blood call blood as some say? The couple has already taken a DNA test, although the results have not been released.

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“When you find out, two years after dating, that your moms slept with the same guy. Should we undergo a DNA test?” They wrote as a description of the video.

The clip has caused a stir, some of the comments have assured that they do look alike and could probably be sisters, so they should separate, they were even surprised to have been taken up by various media.

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Some of the comments were:

“I don’t think so, eventually they won’t have any biological children.”

“He doesn’t even wonder.”

“The fact that 53 people have ‘liked’ this comment, which justifies incest, seems crazy to me.”

“I have no idea who you guys are, but I immediately thought you were sisters before I read the text.”

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