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Ivonne Montero is a famous actress from 48 years that remain in the public’s taste since she has not stopped working since the beginning of her career, her image is of a strong and powerful woman, combined with her abundant gray hair that she looks unapologetic.

The artist originally from Mexico City is within The House of Celebrities 2is part of the members who still have a place in the competition like Laura Bozzo, Salvador Zerboni, Osvaldo Ríos and Juan Vidal to name a few.

The also singer wears her natural mane and on social networks several of his fans have spoken and declare how good Montero looks with the gray hair that stands out from his black hair.

“I get asked a lot if this lock of hair white hair Is it natural or is it artificial, is it natural, I already have enough gray hair and this is where it grows the most, the hair here I paint it in a bluish-black tone that I like a lot, my natural hair is like brown, “he announced in one of the videos prior to his entry into The House of the Famous.

He described that at 20 years She was already doing commercials for television and she decided to dye her hair a lighter color, but she dreamed that she had black hair and green eyes, that’s when she made it come true and since then her look looks like that.

Ivonne Montero in The House of the Famous

After the departure of Niurka of the program, the members could not believe what was happening, then the problems were the order of the day, Yvonne Montero Y Laura Bozzo They got into an argument.

The reason was a difference of opinion and then the call “Miss Laura” told him that Ivonne, who never fought like that with Niurka because according to her she was afraid of him.

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