Issa Vegas in a beach suit shows off the results of the gym

The fitness blogger Issa Vegas decided with a video on Tik Tok to show off the good results of so much physical activity that she performs, however, she also decided to attach a context about all the effort and discipline that she uses to have the dreamy silhouette that she has and that drives his more than nine million followers crazy.

In the first half of the clip, the Argentine model begins by writing: “What people see…“and she stars in the material with a tiny royal blue beach suit, which is so scanty in fabric that it barely covers what is necessary, giving a full view of her remarkable charms, giving a little dance, showing off her perfect figure, moving her hips from side to side, until he poses on his back, his attributes become the main topic to his fans.

To then continue with: “what people don’t know“And that’s when he shares fragments of all the physical activity he practices in the gym, from squats, weights, dumbbells, sit-ups and a lot of effort, all this trying to give a message of motivation to all those people who need it.

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One of the most performed exercises issa vegas and shares are the squats, he adds load with weights, however, he also performs other types of activities such as jumping rope and even going for a run, it is noted that he not only works a specific area but the whole body in general.

He accompanied the inspiring Tik Tok with two different styles of music, the first half, where he wore the flirty and daring blue beach suit with the song titled “El Mujeriego” by Ryan Castroa combination between cumbia and reggaeton.

On the other hand, for the second half of the clip, he decided to reproduce one of the songs with which the movie was promoted. DC ComicsSuicide Squad, called “Purple Lamborghini“, performed by rapper Rick Ross and the DJ Skrillex.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the video of Issa Vegas.

Issa Vegas in a beach suit shows off the results of the gym, photo: instagram

Now, her content varies between challenges and exercise routines, to flirtatious images where she is portrayed with daring clothes, sets playing with the imagination of her fans, since she also has an account on the “OF” platform where she uploads content exclusive.

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