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We have a healing conversation with Irma Mier on the eve of the night of San Juan. We prepare ourselves to release tensions, distinguish what is not useful and set the goals that we want to achieve in order to be happy.

Irma Mier invites us to take care of ourselves to heal ourselves. Through her conversation today in Live to see or in the sessions in her centers, she accompanies us in the search for well-being, being aware of our health and trusting in our personal development to achieve it. Her objective is therapeutic accompaniment and for this she uses various work systems. Her experience over the last few years in the practice of natural health, personal well-being and the development of consciousness has helped her develop a method that she calls ‘Argitzen’. It is a process of self-healing and self-knowledge that can be carried out in person or through online sessions.

Today we understand that it is possible to relieve suffering and physical, mental and emotional symptoms by understanding the cause that provokes them. She has been doing it for more than 20 years with people who come to her centers in Algorta and Gasteiz with people who need occasional help or who need a complement to their medical treatments.

On the eve of the Night of San Juan we prepare to identify what harms us and we must throw it at the stake. Irma advises us to lighten the contents of the backpack that we all carry and that weighs us down so much, to make room for new projects, desires, and fight for it with the clear idea that we are going to achieve it step by step. Irma raises us for it, the idea that your illusion has to be bigger than your fear.

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