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COLIMA.- The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Colima integrated 60 clinical camps for medical students from the University of Colima, who as of July 1, 2022 will begin their internship in state hospitals, in order to cover this essential requirement in their training.

40 clinical fields were designated with headquarters in the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) No. 1 of Villa de Álvarez, 15 for the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) No. 10 of Manzanillo and 5 for the General Hospital of Sub Zone and Medicine Familiar No. 4 of Tecomán.

This process was carried out in a transparent manner and in accordance with the Procedure for the planning, development, evaluation and control of undergraduate educational processes: clinical, medical internship and social service in the health area, stated Dr. Rosa Tapia Vargas in charge of the Auxiliary Medical Coordination of Education of the IMSS in Colima.

He pointed out that said procedure indicates that this assignment must be carried out through an event organized by higher education institutions with the assistance of representatives of the Mexican Social Security Institute as witnesses, where students voluntarily select the clinical field for the study based on their averages. medical internship and social service of the careers in the health area, starting with those with the highest average, following in descending order.

The undergraduate medical internship is a theoretical-practical academic cycle that is carried out as part of the study plan of the Bachelor of Medicine and the selection of hospital locations is made according to the average grades of the student throughout the career.

Tapia Vargas pointed out that the procedure on which this process is based indicates that IMSS base workers who have to comply with the medical internship or social service in the Medical Units can also be registered as scholarship holders, in accordance with the indicated in the Scholarship Regulations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force and the requirements established in this procedure.

Finally, he indicated that the undergraduate internship is the stage of hospital practice in which students are integrated into an educational program that establishes specific rotations in each of the clinical services provided in hospitals, thus integrating and consolidating the knowledge acquired throughout the school cycles in order to ensure better training.

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