How to know that someone is jealous of you

Envy is a feeling of anger or sadness for something that you do not have but that someone else does and that you would like to have.. It is natural and can be used positively, in the sense that you turn it into a motivator, to strive to achieve what you want in a healthy way, setting goals for yourself, through learning and personal growth in the process.

but envy too can be harmful, so it is important to value and respect the characteristics of other people, understanding that we are all special in different ways and that we all have both strengths and weaknesses, from which we must evolve, adapting, not criticizing or judging.

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You don’t have to hurt the other, trample on him or minimize him, you don’t have to feel envy or compare or compare yourself, because this affects your self-esteem and even your social relationships. If you want to know how to recognize that a person close to you is envious of youthe psychologist Arturo Torres suggests paying attention to these details.

Enmity or antipathy without justification

By comparing yourself you will feel less, not because you are, but because that created feeling of inferiority impacts your own vanity and ego. The reaction is the rejection of the other, without logic, without argument, as a defense mechanism. If someone ‘seems to reject you just for the hell of it’, maybe it’s envy, not true dislike for something you did.

Jokes and sarcasm as a method to attack

Sometimes people hide behind sarcasm and jokes to maintain a dominant role. in relational dynamics, says the expert. It is their way of dealing with the discomfort they feel, because of envy, even if it is only temporary, momentary.

outbursts of anger

People who are envious are also likely to get upset for no apparent reason. This is because envy makes them lose control of emotions and in general, envy is especially present in people of impulsive character, so to boast themselves, they react with hostility.

How to know that someone is jealous of you

How to know that someone is envious of you. PHOTO: Unsplash

Likewise, the iProfessional site points out other behavioral characteristics of envious people, for instance:

  • They give bad advice
  • spread false praise
  • You minimize your achievements
  • brag about your successes
  • they imitate you
  • are competitive
  • celebrate your failures
  • They talk behind your back

The psychologist Arturo Torres also concludes that Jealousy comes from feeling a direct wound to self-esteem. This means that the problem is not other people, but to solve it, if you feel envious of someone we have to work on ourselves, on our skills and achievements, not competitiveness, because the point is not to change the other, but to be sure of who we are and, if necessary, to change ourselves.

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