Goodbye Televisa: After listing her death, actress betrays ‘Hoy’ with TV Azteca and joins Chapoy

Mexico City.- After 42 years in Televisa and 27 without making a soap opera, a famous actress and singer betrays the San Angel TV and gives important exclusive to the program of Pati Chapoy, windowing. It’s about the controversy Yuriwho in recent months has been in the eye of the hurricane as she has been involved in several scandals, especially because the community LGBTQ+ pointed her out homophobic. The artist, who stated that thought of death after suffering aftermath of covid-19He talks about his possible retirement.

Now that you are preparing details for your euphoria tourthe 58-year-old Mexican announced in Aztec TV its farewell. doHe retires from the stage? Apparently she is not into music, but the singer does say goodbye to the dances and choreographies in her shows, since she affirms that this one that she will give will be the last. During the promotion of her concerts, Yuri confessed that she does not plan to dance with this type of routine again since she did not want to “pity” her because of her age.


“Maybe I won’t retire, because there are many people who are 70-something years old and they continue to sing, but not to make a fool of themselves, these things already at 60-something, forget it, that is, no,” said the singer in an exclusive interview for windowing in Aztec TV, the competition of Televisa. In addition, she compared herself with one of her idols and musical references, madonna: “He’s 64, that’s where he goes, 65, and we’re going to tone him down because we can’t dress up anymore.”

The artists there is an age where one can no longer disguise, because one already becomes a disguise and it even makes one feel sorry, so that’s why I tell you, take advantage, this is the last one, “he warned.

It is worth mentioning that the interpreter of you no longer live in me Y Damn spring, will return to the stage alone with his new tour after 5 years of absence, in which he promises to surprise his audience with a show that he claims will be “first class”, in addition to commenting that there will be special guests, a lot of technology and costume changes. This tour begins at the CDMX Arena on November 4, continues in Monterrey on the 12th, on the 25th of the same month in Guadalajara and on December 3 in Mérida, in addition to other cities that he hopes to announce shortly.

As you may remember, Yuri also acted in telenovelas on Televisa like colorful Y Hurrah for the children!however, he left them more than 27 years ago and since then he has been in entertainment programs such as The voice Y Who is the mask?. Although recently he also gave an exclusive interview to the today programYuri decided to give this exclusive of his “retirement” from dancing to TV Azteca, where more than 10 years ago it was said he had been vetoed for an alleged lawsuit with the Argentine producer Robert Romagnoli.

In addition, after suffering from Covid-19, the artist confessed that the virus left her with a disease called dysautonomia as a sequel. And although this is not fatal, he stated that it caused him constant fainting and pain, as well as pressure problems. These effects on his health made him think about death, affirming that he no longer wanted to sufferbut he went ahead for his family: “If I am going to be living like this and my quality of life is not so good, the Lord, take me (…) there comes a time when you despair.”

It should be noted that although it is less and less common for an actor or singer to be banned from television stations due to the opening that currently exists and the lack of exclusivity contracts, the truth is that the Veracruz native is also challenging this dreaded ‘punishment’ of Televisa, so we will have to wait and see if it happens or not.

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