Gerard Piqué is exhibited with a blonde woman in Sweden for revenge! Halftime

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Gerard Piqué has been exhibited and harshly criticized in Sweden for not greeting a child. And it is that the Swedish blogger Katrin Zytomierska ranted against the player of the Barcelona in his social networks for rejecting an approach with his son.

And not only that, but the Swedish decided to take revenge on Piquésince he also shared a photograph of the player accompanied by a blonde womanwith whom he allegedly began a relationship after his separation with the Colombian Shakira.

listen, loser. Probably all the girls at the party wanted to fuck you. But when I saw you I only thought of my son. And I went straight to you. I asked you to greet my son. You told me not. But why?.

Because you’re a guy who can dribble the ball? That Do not Impress Me Much. The sad thing is that fame has gone to your head and that’s pathetic. You’re just a guy with a ball. I myself have a boy with a ball. But you know karma is fucked up and it’ll bite your fucking ass“, wrote Katrin Zytomierskawho accompanied the message with the photo.

In the photo shared by Zytomierska Pique can be seen wearing a hood and accompanied by a blonde who is having a drink, although you can’t see her whole face. The place where the events took place was a technology event in Stockholm.


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