Divorced? Galilea Montijo comes out of the closet live and admits an affair with a woman on Televisa

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Mexico City.- the driver of the Program Today Galilea Montijo wowed everyone on the forum Divine Net with a tremendous confession amid rumors that he would be separated from her husband. The Tapatia was sincere and came out of the closet in full program. Yes, the presenter of Televisawho in the past had already faced rumors that he had had an alleged lesbian affair being married, declared heteroflexible after 10 years of marriage with Ferdinand Queen.

As you may recall, a few months ago a rumor began to circulate that Gali had an alleged love affair secretly with his ex-partner Today Maca Carriedo, who is openly lesbian. They even pointed out that both were hiding in the dressing rooms of the television station and that this alleged affair was an open secret. Both denied these versions and Montijo was upset because they pointed out that she had been unfaithful to the father of her son, stating that she had no problem with her sexual orientation.

I have no problem with genders, if women like women, men like men, if they are bi, in life that everyone is happy as they want to love, I have no problem with that. I have a problem with being a married woman. What is said there does hurt me, “she said then.

Maca Carriedo and Galilea Montijo

In the broadcast this Wednesday, June 23, the drivers of Divine Net (Consuelo Duval, Natalia Tellez, Paola Rojas Y Daniela Magun) were talking about the ‘Intimate Nets’ when Gali was asked if it could be fall in love with a woman amid rumors that she has been living apart from her husband for several weeks. The driver’s response shocked all of her because she confessed that she would see herself having an affair with a woman.

“Yes… well, because… not comfortable? Of course, not right now, but why not? And four too. There is a part where I do believe that men and women have this masculine and feminine part and that when you are born they tell you: ‘are you a woman? will you marry a man and are you a man? will you marry a woman’ I do believe, why not? I think so (I’m heteroflexible)“He admitted to the air. Is this how you confirm that there are problems with your husband?

Until now it is unknown if the driver is separated from her husband, but the politician would not have attended her birthday party, she has not published on social networks for months (since Galilea was involved in strong scandals) and also the driver has avoided talk about it. However, it will be only they who can confirm whether there will be a divorce or if it is all speculation.

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