Bruno Valdez and América, with a formal offer from FC JuárezMediotiempo

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The Paraguayan defender Bruno Valdezhas a chance to get out of America this summer, the board has a formal offer from Juarez Bravesbut the defender analyzes the option since his intention for now is not to leave the Eagles in this summer.

The frontiersmen come in Valdez the ideal defender to be the leader of his defense for the following season, because they believe that their contribution on and off the field is essential for the objectives that have been set for the following season.

The Paraguayan analyzes the option of leaving the Americaand it is that with the arrival of Néstor Araujo he understands that he will have to fight for a place and will not be the undisputed starter, as he was until last season.

An option that handles Bruno to stay on the team Opening 2022 is the possibility that Sebastian Caceres leave the team, because despite the fact that at the table in America there is no offer from the Getafethe Spaniards have had surveys with the player’s representative.

In the event that the Guaraní decides to leave the team this summer, the defense of America would have Caceres, Araujo, Jorge Mere and youth from the quarry like emilio lara who was recently champion with the U-20 team.

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