Brazil: story of a woman who married a rag doll and presented her baby

Merivone “married” the rag doll her mom made for her. Photo: Gettyimages (Illustrative).

A woman, identified as Merivone Roche, has caused surprise and astonishment among the Brazilian Internet users, and it is not for less, because he claims to have married “Marcellus”a Ragdoll that his mother made him, and with whom he now “has a son”.

In case of Merivone It’s already been done for several months viral in TikTok and others social networks; however, recently it became trend because he “celebrated” the first anniversary with “Marcellus”.

  • It was through a video, spread in the famous short video social network, where the brazilian woman He shared with his followers aspects of the celebration.

This was the “love story” between the Brazilian woman and her rag doll

The love story between Meirivone and his Ragdoll started the September 7, 2020, when the woman presented in her account TikTok a “Marcellus”with whom she danced, hugging him, a local song.

Months later, Meirivone and his rag doll contracted “nuptials”, and the moment was shared in the same social network.

But the controversy it didn’t stop there. In videos most recent presented the birth of her son, the fruit of her love with “Marcellus”.

unofficial versions point out that everything is about a publicitary estrategy of the woman, who in reality seeks to attract the attention of the media and of his own Government of Brazil, to be able to get, with humor, a house in which I can live. However, this version has not been confirmed by the Government of that country.

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