Ana Claudia Talancón, hospitalized in an emergency after vomiting blood

Ana Claudia Talancon got the shock of his life, after being hospitalized for vomiting blood because of a poisoningcaused by the cleaning products with which the camper where she rested was sanitized, during the free time of the recording of a series in which she participates, how is the actress?

Last week, the actress shared a series of stories that caused the surprise and concern of her fans, as she was lying in a hospital bed, with a visibly weak face, and connected to a catheter. What had happened to him? Later, in an interview granted to “Ventaneado”, Talancón recounted what had really happened.

Ana Claudia told the program that she began to feel bad during one of the calls of a series in which she participates. While resting in one of the production’s campers, the actress experienced dizziness and then vomited blood, which greatly alarmed her and the production, which ordered an ambulance to take her to the hospital. “I was horribly scared,” she admitted.

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According to the medical report, the 42-year-old actress was poisoned by inhaling the chemical formula of the cleaning products with which the camper she was in had been disinfected, causing a serious allergy that kept her hospitalized for three days.

Photo: Ana Claudia Talancón’s Instagram

“Apparently, I have some kind of allergy to these chemicals, including chlorine and a kind of ammonia, which caused my lungs to become inflamed,” he shared. As a result of this, she underwent X-rays, CT scans and MRIs.

As a consequence, the actress’s lungs suffered inflammation, she also had some lacerations to her stomach and trachea.

“I suffered it,” recalled Talancón and indicated that “I still have bruises from the catheters they put in me, from the pecks they gave me to be able to put all the medicines they gave me.”

Despite the consequences of the intoxication, the actress explained that she feels much better, since thanks to following all the medical indications to the letter, she is recovering satisfactorily.

“I have done everything very well (the truth), to be able to be healthy and I feel very grateful”, since she is close to becoming an adoptive mother.

But before starting the process of adopting several children, the actress will continue to finalize work projects, all this year, to save enough for the time she begins her life as a mother, in 2023.

“It will be a year of saving to carry out all these wonderful plans that I have, which excite me a lot and will play such an important role in my life”, and also assured that by becoming a mother she will not abandon her professional career, “I never think leave my career; they will have a traveling mom, a working mom, ”she added.

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