Adds 20 hours PASA truck stuck in ditch

Juarez City.- Around nine o’clock on Tuesday night, a garbage truck from the PASA company that was providing service to settlers in the Jardines del Aeropuerto subdivision fell into a ditch and was trapped in the middle of the mud.

Residents of the sector reported that the truck has been stuck on Satélite street for 20 hours, near the intersection with Aeromoza, and although another PASA truck came last night to try to get it out, the rain complicated the work and it was impossible.

The work to release the heavy unit continued on Wednesday morning, but now with a large crane, which ended up getting stuck in the same way, neighbors said.

They indicated that the ditch was the work of the Municipal Water and Sanitation Board (JMAS), due to repairs to the collectors, since various subsidences had occurred in the sector, however, the rains dragged earth and prevented the visibility of the hole.

“Although we did not have the best street in the city, it was a street that could be walked on, now there is dirt and mud everywhere, the rains only aggravated the problem and now our street is a disaster, that is why We no longer park in front of our houses, now we do it on the next block, we are afraid that this will collapse and there will be more affected”, said one of the inhabitants.

In this regard, Daniel Valles, JMAS spokesman, confirmed that it is a ditch made by the decentralized organization and that the rains caused it to be covered with earth, he also explained that the reason why it is unpaved is because the District 4 bidding, the area to which it corresponds, was deserted, so for now the area is being delimited and thus avoid further damage.

Valles reported that PASA has already contacted the JMAS to ask it to take responsibility for the damage caused and the maneuvers to remove the units, a situation with which it will comply through insurance that it has.

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