the Milvié 1 will be the exclusive and limited return of the legendary car, its price will be 12 million pesos

It seems that not everything is said for the Volkswagen Bettle, also known as “vocho”. The Milivié company has announced that they are working on a modern restoration project (restomod), with which they will renew this model with sporty designs, equipped with greater power and for the modest initial price of 570,000, that is, little more than 12 million pesos.

The renovation will make it possible to integrate not only modern elements into this vehicle, but also new comfortable and up-to-date equipment, as well as sporty details inspired from the styles of some Porschelike the 904, the Type 64, the 356 Gmünd Coupé and even the RS Spyder.

It is a vocho, but “almost” it is not

The company indicates that only 22 copies of the Milivié 1 will be built, one for every million Vochos. For this, the VW Beetle 1303 will be taken as a base, of which only the metal monocoque of the bodywork and the floor panel.

millivie 002

The rest of the vehicle will be completely different: a new chassis with independent suspension, adjustments to specific customer preference and 19-inch wheels Equipped with competition brakes. It will be powered by a 2.28-liter flat-four engine, four-speed automatic transmission, initially used in the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.

In the internal part it will have four seats and in the front part of the cabin it has two 12.3-inch screens in a single sectionone to display the instruments and another for information and entertainment, which will be embedded in a piano wood cover on the dashboard.

millivie 007

USB inputs, cameras for parking and even GPS for Google Maps

The cabin will also have interesting additional elements, such as its center console between the occupants Will have wireless charging as well as 220V support and USB/USB-C inputs, and what Milivié points to as a space”no additional buttons, switches or controls“, optimizing passenger space.

millivie 010

In other features, it will also include parking assist with cameras, air conditioning, high beams, automatic windshield wipers, electronic power steering, as well as additional sensors for display vehicle range information, interior temperature, battery level and GPS with routes from Google Maps.

According to the company, reservations are now open, with an entry price of 570,000 euros. Each of the units is expected to require more than a thousand hours of work and the first vehicle is delivered in July 2023with production being completed by May 2025.

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