Secretaries of Health, Welfare and Public Works will appear before the State Congress – La Verdad

CD. VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS, JUNE 22, 2022.- By unanimity of votes, the 65th Legislature determined the calendar and procedure to which the appearances of the heads of the dependencies of the State Public Administration will be subject, due to the analysis of the Sixth Government Report of the head of the Executive Power of the State.

On Tuesday, June 28, they will appear before the Legislative Plenary, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa and the Secretary of Tourism, Fernando Olivera Rocha; on Wednesday the 29th of this same month, in commissions, the Secretary of Welfare, Yahleel Abdala Carmona, the Secretary of Economic Development, Carlos Alberto García González and the Secretary of Public Works, Cecilia del Alto López.

The President of the Board of Directors, Imelda Sanmiguel Sánchez, presented this Initiative promoted by the members of the Political Coordination Board, highlighting that the hours of the appearances will be determined according to the corresponding modality.

Likewise, the procedure for the relief will begin with the welcome to the public servant, who will explain the reasons that motivate his presence under protest of telling the truth; will take the floor for up to 20 minutes to present the corresponding report.

Within the framework of these appearances, each form of group by party affiliation will have 7 minutes for a general intervention around the appearance, there will be two rounds of questions, and the participating Deputies will have 3 minutes to formulate their questions, among others aspects.

The intention of these meetings is to deepen the knowledge of the tasks carried out by the State Executive within the framework of its second Government report, taking into account the performance of these secretariats, which were the ones that determined the different political forces.

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