Used automobiles which might be value the identical as new?

Prices exorbitant costs and few choices is the daunting prospect going through homebuyers. used automobiles within the US, the place a used automotive prices nearly the identical as when it went on sale as new earlier than a pandemic that has affected the manufacture of a necessary product for tens of millions of households.

“I’ve been trying to buy a used car for almost three months, but I can’t reach the price of any worthwhile one,” Armando Chavez, a Mexican immigrant who urgently must get hold of a type of transportation, tells Efe. The Angels.

Chávez managed to avoid wasting 8,000 {dollars} to purchase a automotive to go to his new job, which is about 30 miles from his house, however for that worth he says he cannot discover something that provides him safety and retains up.

“It’s very frustrating because I don’t have any more money. I don’t want to get into debt, but I need the car”, emphasizes this employee who assures that he has visited greater than 40 automotive gross sales websites and has even seemed for gives exterior the state. “Nothing, I can’t find anything… prices of the used ones are as if they were new”.


Like Chavez, hundreds of patrons of used automobiles within the nation are going through an unprecedented situation.

The enhance in costs of used automobiles and vehicles soared month after month final 12 months so as to add a year-on-year enhance of 37.3%, in line with figures revealed this Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from USA

The greatest bounce was in June 2020, when costs of used automobiles and vehicles rose 10.5%, and in December the used automotive market completed with a rise of three.5%.


Armando Rivas, who lately retired after 39 years within the enterprise, throughout which he was longtime gross sales supervisor for used automobiles in necessary dealerships in South Florida, he explains to Efe that all the things is because of the scarcity of chip manufacturing (semiconductors) in Asia that has left the producers of recent automobiles within the US virtually unemployed.

Inflation additionally affected new automobiles, with costs rising costs 1% in December and 11.8% year-on-year in 2021, however removed from that of used automobiles.

Faced with this situation of shortage of recent automobiles and the costs shot from the used ones, which in some instances are value the identical as once they went on sale once they have been new simply earlier than the pandemic, many drivers they select to increase their automotive lease contracts (“lease”) as a lot as potential, explains Rivas.

However, he says, “there is no way out”, as this selection has additionally elevated its worth considerably.

“It’s a chain” wherein all the things is interlocked and the costs They go up nonstop.

Sums that for employees like Chávez are unattainable to pay. “All the prices they have risen and now no salary is enough”, laments the Mexican.


The year-on-year rate of inflation in the United States rose to 7% in December, two tenths above that of November and the highest figure recorded since 1982.

White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein wrote this week on his Twitter account that top prices of the used cars is having a “exceptional and revealing” impact on headline inflation.

“It’s a reminder of how extraordinarily uncommon this present inflation is,” he added.

A similar opinion has Rivas. “It is something absurd,” he says about a situation that he does not believe will be resolved in the short term, since the process to resume the pace of production in Asia and the opening of factories for these components in the United States will take time.

“Luckily they realized you can’t make all the things in China and, as they are saying, you may’t put all of your eggs in a single basket,” he says.

Thus, potential buyers, to whom he recommends waiting as long as possible, is not very hopeful, because what used to sell for $10,000 is now worth $15,000.

“They are horrified” when they arrive at the “supplier” and see the prices. “But if you happen to do not need to, high-quality, so long, as a result of somebody will certainly come and pay for it,” he says.

Financial adviser Carlos Guaman agrees with Rivas’s recommendation. “If you don’t need it (the used car) you’re better off waiting” at least until you get your tax refund, a season that marks a boom in US car sales.

“The rules of the game have changed and buyers are going to have to learn new tricks and improve their credit to get better prices”, indicates Guaman.

But Bernstein is optimistic, saying “the world hasn’t forgotten the right way to produce new (and subsequently used) automobiles and we should always count on this collection to reverse as soon as the availability constraint eases.” Have to attend.

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