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John Rivera he’s the youthful brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, one of many best exponents of regional Mexican music within the United States. Like her, he has additionally constructed a profession within the music business, though lately some scandals surrounding his household have been extra distinguished.

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Juan and Jenni have been fairly shut, in order that they got here to work collectively within the completely different firms of the singer, the identical ones that after her dying turned directed by Rose Rivera, the youngest of the clan, and later, by Jacquie Rivera, one of many daughters of “The diva of the band”.

The firms he based Dolores Janney Rivera are ‘Jenni Rivera Enterprises, LLC’ and ‘Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC’, being certainly one of them the one which so far owes cash to Juan.

Juan Rivera is the younger brother of Jenni Rivera who has also dedicated himself to music (Photo: Juan Rivera / Jenni Rivera / Instagram)
Juan Rivera is the youthful brother of Jenni Rivera who has additionally devoted himself to music (Photo: Juan Rivera / Jenni Rivera / Instagram)


In a press convention held on January 10, Juan Rivera revealed that he labored for a few years in ‘Jenni Rivera Enterprises’, the place he carried out numerous duties as a music producer for necessary initiatives:

“My job was a plumber, producing music, organizing events, setting up boutiques, creating records. […] In 2013 I was the creator of Jenni Vive, I was the one who hired the artists, the one who contracted the flights, the hotel, I was the one who did the promotion and everything that had to be done”.

According to his model, he produced 19 of 29 songs that appeared within the Netflix bioseries ‘Butterfly Neighborhood’, with out receiving what he deserved for it:

“They paid a lot of money, a lot, for the rights to that. I should have been given a percentage of that, I was given a couple of years, 7 years remain to be paid. I approached Jacqie and told her to make things easy, make a sum, pay it all and I’ll take 20 or 30 percent off.”


Rivera also commented on how much was the salary he received during all this time, as well as how much they would be owing him to date, emphasizing that the figure never seemed fair to him: “I have never asked for compensation, ever, It’s not 300 thousand dollars. I really don’t know how much it is to be honest. In 2013, it they paid me 682 dollars a fortnight”.


Despite making the public complaint, Juan assured that he has no interest in charging a peso, instead, he prefers that this money be donated to an orphanage:

“Yes, it is a good fair, if people think it is a fair, it is not… donate the money, you have to give that money to an orphanage, so that people do not say, that the check does not reach me, that they take that money that is owed to me from my work and give it to an orphanage”.

Lupillo with his brother Juan Rivera, with whom he recently had an exchange of words (Photo: Lupillo Rivera / Instagram)
Lupillo with his brother Juan Rivera, with whom he recently had an exchange of words (Photo: Lupillo Rivera / Instagram)


Last May, the feud between Lupillo and Juan Rivera revived and eliminated the chances of a reconciliation. According to Juan, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend is the one who has provoked the conflicts, humiliating him on more than one occasion. But the “Big League” interpreter would not only have offended his brother, but also the rest of his family.


In an interview with the program Sale el Sol, Juan confessed that there is no relationship between him and Lupillo, but only negative feelings, due to the attitude that the 49-year-old singer has had towards him. The only way the Riveras could be at peace would be for the older brother to start respecting him.

There is anger and resentment for things that have already happened, but as I have said, if my carnal respects me enough not to mention me or give hints, there is no anger, I remain silent. I mean, Lupe is 50, I’m 43, we’re men, we’re mature and well, as I told my nephews, if they don’t want me to answer, then don’t mention me.”said the husband of Brenda Rivera.


According to the youngest of the clan, what gives him the most courage is that Lupillo speaks ill of him by throwing hints, causing him to respond and creating a tense environment in the family. Likewise, the musician revealed that conflicts are common in the clan, even before Jenni died:

It is not the first time that there are problems in the familyIt won’t be the last time. Jenni had these family problems. We are an ordinary family.” express.

Although in 2020 the brothers maintained a good relationship, coming to work together, this did not last long. It was on Brenda Rivera’s birthday that the singers started a fight, ending the bond they had built. Some of the expressions that Lupillo would have launched are “garbage”, “black sheep”, “useless” and “shit”, which is why Juan feels humiliated.

“He came to want to fight me on Brenda’s birthday. Yelling at me, offending me and since I have never raised my hand to my carnal and I have even defended him as far as I could, he knows he can do that. He told me a lot of things and I kept quiet”, revealed the singer in his account Instagram.


After the altercation, the ex-husband of Mayeli Alonso contacted his brother through a lawyer; however, this act infuriated Juan, who preferred to talk about it directly and alone. Despite the offenses received, the singer of “Personal Escort” He assured that he would not speak more about the bad relationship they have, this in order not to bother his mother, who is the most affected.

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