Elon Musk raises the worth of a ‘token’ by greater than 500% in half an hour with a single tweet


15 Jan 2022 16:37 GMT

As a results of the businessman’s tweet, the value of DOJO exceeded 0.000000049 {dollars}.

The value of the DOJO ‘token’ elevated greater than 500% in simply half an hour after the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, wrote this Thursday the phrase ‘Dojo’ in a Tweet.

Following the publication of the tweet, the value of the DOJO surpassed $0.000000049. In November 2021, the ‘altcoin’ up to date its all-time excessive above $0.000037.

Since then, the digital foreign money, operated by a decentralized group, has dropped in value by greater than 99%. This Saturday its worth was 0.000000011 {dollars}.

What is the connection between Musk and DOJO?

The actuality, nonetheless, is that there isn’t a relationship between the 2, since Musk wrote the phrase ‘Dojo’ in response to a tweet that mentioned: “Maybe someday when we have graphics processors that do sparse tensor calculations efficient, scarcity can really reduce the calculation.

In June of last year, Tesla presented a supercomputer designed to improve its autonomous driving systems, which has been defined by the company as the fifth most powerful in the world. The project is a step forward in the development of dojo, a “beast” that Elon Musk claimed will become the fastest supercomputer on the planet, surpassing Japan’s Fugaku.

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