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Alcor Life Extension Foundation is an American group that has ‘promised’ 100 individuals, nothing extra and nothing much less, to maintain them alive after dying.

That is, if his coronary heart stops beating, as an alternative of taking him to a morgue, dressing him in his greatest garments and placing him in a coffin for burial or cremation, the clinic places his physique at low temperatures.

The goal: “preserve life by stopping death”, reads the official page of the non-profit organization that has monthly plans of 55 dollars (about 220 thousand Colombian pesos) to enter the project.

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How does cryonics work?

The process consists of freeze the bodies of human beings so that in the future – without a specific date – they can be removed from the capsules and undergo scientific procedures in order to recover their lives.

It is an ‘experiment’, according to Alcor, since it is not guaranteed that they will return to the earthly plane. If the technology of the next decades or centuries allows it, perhaps the heartbeat will resume.

The foundation follows a series of stages to carry out cryonics.

No group can revive a cryogenic affected person, however at Alcor we’re assured that reactivation could be attainable.

The first consists of visiting the individual in his final days of life or when he’s dying to confirm that he could be a part of this system.

Subject should die of cardiac arrest and be declared legally deceased by authorities.

As quickly as that occurs, Alcor personnel take management of the physique: artificially restore blood circulation to guard the mind, transport it to Arizona, U.S, introduces a substance into his blood and cools him throughout the fifth and sixth days of dying to -196 levels Celsius.

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Therefore, “the patient will be protected from deterioration for theoretically thousands of years and the death process has been effectively stopped,” they are saying.

The corpse is positioned inside a capsule, which doesn’t want electrical energy to work as a result of with the injection of liquid nitrogen it’s saved at chilly temperatures.

“Currently, no organization can revive a cryogenic patient, but at Alcor we are confident that reactivation may be possible,” they touch upon their web site.

Who have dared to be ‘frozen’?

Linda and Fred Chamberlain are the founders of the clinic, formally established in 1972.

We need individuals to grasp that that is nonetheless an experimental course of.

Their supply of inspiration was Robert Ettinger, the so-called father of cryonics -who can also be frozen in one other US entity.

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The marriage introduced collectively a collection of docs and specialists within the discipline to cryogenize for the primary time James Bedford, a psycologist. Then they might do the identical factor with Fred’s dad and Linda’s mother.

We want people to understand that this is still an experimental process. We don’t want anyone to come into the project, make preparations and think this is like going to the hospital and having open heart surgery.”, Linda said, in a dialog with the ‘Az Central’ media outlet.

Her husband Fred died in 2012 and, unsurprisingly, is underground within the cellars of Alcor.

Total, 184 individuals they don’t have any life inside a capsule. For instance, there are Du Hong, a Chinese author; Marvin Minsky, scientist, and Dick Clair Jones, movie producer.

There are additionally greater than 90 pets, between canines and cats, who got here to the basements on the request of their homeowners, Linda revealed to the aforementioned media.

The authorized battle of the dwelling

ted williams, famend baseball participant and first participant of the Boston Red Sox group, died in 2002 on the age of 83 and had the dedication to be cryogenicized.

However, his case raised an argument after the revelations of the journal ‘Sports Illustrated’ that accused Alcor of decapitating him, conserving his head in a unique capsule and taking dozens of DNA checks, which, apparently, would have been recast.

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The journalistic investigation discovered that Williams paid 136 thousand {dollars} (virtually 540 million pesos at present alternate charges) to be a part of the experiment.

They minimize off his head, burned his physique, put him in a field and despatched him to my home.

However, earlier than he died he would have burned his will to go for cremation, in line with his daughter Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell.

The clinic has not spoken out over the accusations. In truth, it’s not the one drawback he has confronted, since Kurt Pilgerham He sued them looking for compensation of 1 million {dollars} for ill-treatment of his father’s physique.

“They cut off his head, burned his body, put him in a box and sent him to my house. I want people to know what is happening”, he said, in a dialog with the media outlet ‘Az Central’, throughout 2019.

There isn’t any legislation that prohibits Alcor’s actions. Instead, there are scientists who criticize his ‘experiment’.

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It is a false science. Those who benefit from this hope deserve our wrath and contempt.”, criticized the neuroscientist michael hendricks, in a writing for the journal ‘MIT Technology Review’.

For now, about 1,400 persons are members of the group, together with the DJ Steve Aoki, and hope to die, paradoxically, to return to life in a couple of many years and even centuries when expertise and drugs are sufficiently superior.

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