“Recognizing that one needs help is the first step in treating depression”, Dr. Joalex Antongiorgi

In Puerto Rico, 18% of the inhabitants suffers from this kind of analysis, the place younger individuals and older adults are probably the most affected.

Joalex Antongiorgi, psychiatrist and baby specialist on the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

despair has a important world influence, as a result of it doesn’t have an effect on sufferers solely but additionally the household group, being the pathology of the commonest psychiatric diagnoses.

In Puerto Rico alone, 18% of the inhabitants has constantly suffered from this kind of analysis, based on Joalex Antongiorgi, baby psychiatrist and specialist on the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

“The word depression is not synonymous with feeling sad, feeling sad is not being in a phase of depression,” stated the specialist.

The inhabitants that’s most susceptible to affected by despair are kids, adolescents and other people over 40 years of age, who’re those who ought to be given probably the most consideration.

In the case of youngsters and adolescents, despair is because of the truth that they don’t have the instruments to handle their feelings.

On the opposite hand, aged individuals, who’re very affected by components equivalent to emotions of not having the ability to contribute to society or after they have been deserted, can grow to be a disaster in psychological well being phrases for .

Depression isn’t at all times a depressive dysfunction, for instance when an individual loses a cherished one they are going to really feel unhappy, there are occasions when they won’t need to eat or share moments with their household, which is often momentary.

However, the second when specialists can know if an individual suffers from despair or not relies upon so much on whether or not he’s a toddler or an grownup.

Children usually begin to really feel irritable, begin to have bother sleeping and consuming, could even begin hitting objects and hurting themselves.

In adolescence, when a affected person begins to neglect their look and hygiene, and to make use of medicine or alcohol, it’s when the specialists can start to find out this pathology.

Adults could start to isolate themselves, really feel unhappy or cry and have depressed moods, standards that based on the specialist may point out that the affected person has despair.

On the opposite hand, in excessive circumstances generally the affected person could also be going via a despair extreme and will start to have signs of Alzheimer’s, which impacts focus and reminiscence.

Diagnosis and therapy

First of all, the affected person have to be evaluated by a psychological well being skilled or by a physician typically, since most of them are educated to acknowledge whether or not or not a affected person has this situation.

Although every case is completely different, typically within the therapy the specialists acknowledge the sufferers who’ve a depressive dysfunction, in these circumstances the psychiatrists are those who present the remedy and have the device to offer the medicines.

For their half, psychologists are those who present the accompaniment to assist handle the affected person’s feelings.


For the specialist, at present one of many primary boundaries that this class of sufferers has is that not all psychological well being suppliers are lined by medical plans, along with the truth that it isn’t really easy to discover a psychiatrist on the island, because of the exodus of many medical doctors who went to the United States.

“Recognizing that one needs help is the first step to being able to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist,” stated the specialist.


Most of the suicidal gestures that specialists discover are accompanied by a earlier historical past of despair, even when the affected person doesn’t acknowledge it.

“Suicide is one of the main consequences of when a person is suffering from depression,” commented the specialist.

Suicide isn’t solely seen in despair, since some individuals, resulting from their poor contact with actuality, result in suicide, on this case we may very well be speaking about sufferers with schizophrenia, additionally individuals who beforehand had not offered any depressive gesture, however for some exterior state of affairs they’ve a suicidal gesture.

“Men are more likely to commit suicide by using different tools, while women try more, but do not succeed” concluded Dr. Joalex.

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