Miguel Herrera mentioned that Tigres suffered from the results of the covid earlier than Santos

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Michael Herrera highlighted the work of his gamers within the agonizing one-goal draw in opposition to Saints in La Comarca, as he acknowledged that his gamers suffered with the ravages of infections by covid-19 that they’d previous to the assembly and for which the duel needed to be delayed a number of days.

“Happy for happy for the performance of the boys because despite many coming down, he was also one of the infected, they were already drowned, but they didn’t lower their arms and that’s what leaves me calm, despite the fact that there was fatigue, he did not stop looking to try to get the tie and he did it”, he said at the end of the match.

The Louse He pointed out that his squad was also reduced in terms of having players who could change the game from the bench, since they still have some infected players who they hope to have recovered for the weekend’s duel against Puebla.

“We will recover important people to have revulsions in the bank, surely Not here, Owners Y Fulgencio They will be ready, today is the tenth day of confinement, so they are already negative in an exam, tomorrow the preliminary test will be done for the matches as the league always requests, hopefully Nico Lopez be ready”.

The casualties were due to covid, but fortunately we have already been recovering people, let’s hope for Saturday to recover everyone one hundred percent and continue taking care of ourselves because we have no other choice, the truth is that The coronavirus hit us very hard these two weeks to the entire institution, but we are recovering and we will arrive very well, hopefully, on Saturday”.

Piojo explained the celebration of Carlos Salcedo

After scoring the equalizing goal at the end, Carlos Salcedo went to celebrate with Piojo Herrera and then he made some gestures towards the rostrum.

“Just a number of seconds earlier than I had commented (to Carlos Salcedo) that he left “9” to throw a middle and that he might assist with a shot and truthful, 10-12 seconds later the ball falls and concreteThat’s why we have fun.”

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