Melvin Matamoros, briefly expelled from arbitration: “It has been unfair treatment; I will make an appeal”

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The central referee Melvin Matamoros has spoken publicly after the non permanent expulsion for six months that the Ethics Court of the Arbitration Commission utilized to him, for which the whole Closing Tournament 2022 might be misplaced, until an enchantment signifies in any other case.

The arbitration physique determined to marginalize the choose after some statements issued through WhatsApp (voice message) the place Matamoros spoke out in opposition to holding a gathering between the authorities of the entity, excluding the true protagonists, who’re “those who put the money”.

In an interview with Grupo Opsa after studying of the punishment, Melvin accepted that “I made a comment on December 13 in a training chat group where a note was sent regarding a committee meeting to discuss work planning together with a Christmas lunch. to be held on Saturday, December 18 at a hotel in Siguatepeque. At that time I did not look at it with good eyes and I expressed it in an audio where I said:

That is not necessary, we the referees are the ones who sweat our shirts, they call us thieves, it costs us the first and second division referees; nobody makes us a farewell at the end of the year. It was important that we were at least given the opportunity to enjoy that money with our family. We don’t even have fields to train properly, and that expense could help to do that kind of work”, was Melvin’s observation that cost him his severe punishment.

$!The announcement of the Ethics Court of the Arbitration Commission.

The announcement of the Ethics Court of the Arbitration Commission.

Matamoros commented that after that he was excluded from the calls for the league games without being commented on, until Wednesday, January 6, when the secretary of the Arbitration College notified him, one day before the physical tests of facing the incoming tournament, which had been excluded from the activity, when he was already in the city to carry it out, Tegucigalpa.


“It has been an unfair treatment. Until this Wednesday they called me and told me it was for the reason of the audio. They commented that an investigation would be opened, which only lasted two minutes in a voice call where I stressed that at no time am I accusing them, I only used my freedom of expression, I apologized and these were accepted, ”continued the judge.

Melvin emphasizes that the way in which he was treated was not fair, as he emphasizes that when the president of the Commission, Óscar Velásquez, was accused of bribery in January 2021 after statements by former referee Omar Leiva, they ignored him, they did not marginalize him and they did not investigate either, contrary to his statement.

$!Melvin Matamoros is an umpire with a lot of experience in the National League.

Melvin Matamoros is an umpire with a lot of experience in the National League.

“They should be the same with everyone, the president (Velásquez) was accused and he was not separated at any time, nor was an investigation opened. Which of the two situations is more serious? mine or his? He should have been set aside to investigate, even though he wasn’t guilty. The referees must take their place, this should not be a lawsuit. The right people should be in office.”

To his annoyance and that of other colleagues in the arbitration body, Melvin is processing an appeal to annul his suspension.

“I am going to make an appeal, I will continue fighting and I hope to have a better judgment to help me defend; at noon (Friday, January 14) we will continue to make progress on the case. This is not the way they want to get me out of arbitration, I’ve never had problems with anyone and this time I half raised my voice, they expelled me for six months, it’s too drastic. The governing body of soccer, Fenafuth, can take the case and give its verdict, they have the last word”, closed Melvin Matamoros to OPSA microphones.

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