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The European Commission gave the gasoline sector the primary toast of the 12 months on a platter. Before the tip of 2021 it was going to suggest its inexperienced labeling for nuclear energy crops (as anticipated within the earlier Environment complement) and gasoline – with Germany in opposition to and France in favor -, but it surely was disconcerting resulting from its nocturnal nature.

On December 31, virtually at midnight, he offered it after months of debate seasoned with the rise within the value of electrical energy all through the continent. “These are sensitive issues that sometimes imply the crossing of red lines by the States,” a supply from the EU Directorate of Taxation and Customs Union acknowledged to journalists in the midst of the identical month. This didn’t reveal the result, however spoke of “eliminating subsidies for fossil fuels, to give signals rather than penalize.” And whereas there have already been a number of script twists, assuming the New Year’s Eve announcement included treachery divides consultants.

“That they wanted to avoid noise is as obvious as that the political decision had been made. A strange course since it was decided to open a new classification or taxonomy to remotely direct finance towards the ecological transition of Europe. We have already indicated Regulation 2020/852 lax in technological neutrality and devaluator of what is sustainable ”, says Fernando Ferrando, president of the Fundación Renovables. “Neither nuclear nor gas are clean energies, but as a transition element and lesser evil I prefer the second, because it allows a more flexible management,” he provides.

The one who does admit to being considerably stunned is Francisco del Pozo, head of Greenpeace’s fossil gas marketing campaign: “The Commission tends to be more equidistant. Well added gas emissions –direct, logistical and fugitive– are similar to those of coal, no matter how much it is denied. The lobbies have done a good job, which is logical when we talk about the second most consumed source of fossil energy in the world and there is so much pharaonic infrastructure to amortize, especially in Spain ”.

The fountain that grows probably the most

Some 90,000 kilometers of gasoline pipelines run by Spanish territory, the place demand for gasoline has grown by 5% in 2021, in keeping with Enagás. “The existing pipeline networks would serve to transport renewable gases, such as biogas or hydrogen. Electrification is necessary, but it will be gradual ”, considers Inmaculada Peiró, director of the Association of Companies of the Installations and Energy Sector (Agremia).

From Sedigas, the Spanish Gas Association, share a place. “The PNIEC recognizes natural gas as a vector to meet its objectives. Without requiring new investments, it plays a key role in combined cycles, as it ensures supply. Without forgetting the firm commitment to options of renewable origin ”, they guarantee.

However, simply as the principle gasoline corporations refuse to pronounce right here on the inexperienced taxonomy, in Sedigas additionally they favor to not declare “until the final draft is known.”

The numbers

twenty state Members, a minimum of, should reject the venture offered by the Commission to cease its present processing by means of a delegated act. For now, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg have expressed their disagreement.

270 grams of COtwo per kilowatt hour is the ceiling set by most direct emission for gasoline crops till 2031. In Spain, the typical is now round 370 grams.

On January 21 the deadline for the feedback of the professional teams ends and within the the rest of the month the European Commission will make its proposal for a supplementary delegated act of taxonomy, earlier than submitting to the decision of the European Council and Parliament. “And beware, if it were rejected, it would be time to start over,” warns Ignacio Araluce, president of Foro Nuclear, one other of the energies touched by the wand of sustainability.

In the very best of instances, nothing definitive can be recognized till summer season. The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge corroborate what was acknowledged by Teresa Ribera, third vp of the Government: “Nuclear energy and gas have a role to play in the transition, but limited in time.”

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