Journey businesses and personal tour guides banned in Cuba, the Government responds to entrepreneurs

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, María Elena Feitó Cabrera, ratified the prohibition of the personal train of the service of vacationer guides and journey businesses In a letter despatched to a bunch of Cubans who demanded the legalization of those occupations, Cuban self-employed Rogers Guilarte reported on his social networks.

Guilarte, who labored as a tour information, printed the letter despatched by Feito Cabrera to 6 promoters of this financial exercise, by which the official acknowledged that these duties are “associated with tourism products developed and marketed by the entities of the tourism business system in Cuba.”

“In accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Tourism, They are not allowed to be marketed by natural persons, nor to be authorized to practice by micro, small and medium-sized private companies, non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employed workers, “the letter added.

The letter responds to a gathering held by the Cuban authorities on September 23 with “a group of promoters of tourist guides”, by which They demanded the proper to train financial exercise privately.

Guilarte, in a publication made within the Facebook group “Tourist Guides for their legalization as TCP”, acknowledged {that a} group of personal staff devoted to mentioned occupation started to demand the legalization of the train in February of final yr Through letters despatched to the Cuban Presidency, the Council of State and Ministers, the Cuban National Assembly, the Ministries of Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Tourism.

As a results of the requests, two conferences happened: “a joint one with the participation of vice ministers of the aforementioned ministries and a second with the advisers of the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, where all the compelling reasons including comparisons with countries were presented. socialists (like Vietnam) so that the activity was released and a corresponding tax policy was established, which would also give the possibility of employment to many retired professionals and young mothers that they cannot exercise at the rate of the tourist companies of the State “, affirmed Guilarte.

“Today, we are faced with this letter with bad wording and misconceptions, where there is talk of ‘belonging’ instead of relevance and We are branded as ‘promoters of tourism guides’ when we are, for the most part, trained and prepared guides (without false modesty) by prestigious educational institutions, with a wealth of experiences and years in the union that could only be ignored by those who do not have a vast understanding of our professional qualities, “he added.

The Cuban self-employed described the minister’s response as a “deliberate act of government incongruity”, as a result of he questioned that whereas Miguel Díaz-Canel “urges to unblock, listen and promote,” different officers “hinder, lethargy or destroy the hopes of citizens (…) to contribute from a dignified and legal job with the responsibility of contributing to the growth of the nation”.

“It is unacceptable, outrageous and extremely disappointing to perceive that the ‘evaluations’ that would supposedly take into account the needs of this union that does not intend to compete with the large conglomerates of the State in tourism, they were just a game of litanies to take us to the point where we are and from where we interpret, we bet on giving up due to fatigue “added the Cuban tour information.

Guilarte acknowledged that will proceed to require approval of such actions as a part of the personal sector, as a result of they “have plenty of arguments” and “lack reasons” to just accept the Government’s response that “describes the Ministry of Tourism as an immovable monolith that cannot and does not intend to temper itself with current times, with the needs of citizens who only pretend bring food to the table of their families. “

Tourism and the actions related to it is among the most profitable companies of the Government and the navy conglomerate GAESA. In the final a long time, personal entrepreneurship has meant competitors for these companies.

The controversy between personal staff linked to tourism and the Government started in February 2021, when tour operators and journey businesses appeared on the record of the 124 teams of financial actions prohibited to train “on their own.”

However, in June of final yr via Resolution 132/21 of the Ministry of Tourism it was established that “national travel agencies “would be the solely ones licensed to hold out procedures corresponding to issuing, receiving and attending to vacationers, the illustration of international tour operators, and the design and advertising of vacationer packages.

Then, within the Official Gazette No. 94 of August 19, the actions of journey businesses and tour operator providers reappeared. amongst these prohibited for the personal sector.

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