The causes for the US and the European Union to sanction the regime

Hours earlier than the inauguration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, as president and vice chairman of Nicaragua, the European Union (EU) and the United States introduced, individually, a sequence of sanctions towards senior officers and establishments of the Ortega regime.

The EU sanctioned seven officers and three establishments: the National Police, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Postal Services (Telcor). For its half, the United States did the identical towards three expenses of the Nicaraguan navy equipment; two directives from Telcor, and one other from Empresa Nicaragüense de Minas (Eniminas).

The sanctions had been established in a coordinated method, though each solely agreed on one sanctioned: Nahima Janett Díaz Flores, director of Telcor and daughter of the director of the National Police, Chief Commissioner Francisco Díaz. The police chief has already been sanctioned by the European Union and the United States.

In addition to the three entities and Díaz Flores, the EU sanctioned two youngsters of the presidential couple: Laureano Facundo and Camila Antonia Ortega Murillo. As properly because the Superintendent of Banks, Luis Ángel Montenegro, and three magistrates of the Electoral Power, Lumberto Ignacio Campbell Hooker, Brenda Isabel Rocha Chacón and Cairo Amador Arrieta, the latter president and vice chairman of the CSE, respectively.

The US sanctions had been imposed towards the Minister of Defense, Rosa Adelina Barahona; Brigadier General Bayardo de Jesús Pulido Ortiz, head of the Personnel and Staff Department of the Nicaraguan Army; and the Chief of Staff of the Nicaraguan Army, Bayardo Ramón Rodríguez Ruiz. All three are members of the Military Institute of Social Welfare (IPSM), the Nicaraguan Army public funding fund.

Celina Delgado Castellón, deputy basic director of Telcor, and retired basic Ramón Humberto Calderón Vindell, president of the Eniminas board of administrators, had been additionally sanctioned.

CONFIDENCIAL collects on this textual content the arguments given, in separate statements, by the European Union and the United States, to punish the Ortega members.

Arguments of the European Union

Camila Antonia Ortega Murillo: She is the director of the Nicaragua Diseña platform and the Canal 13 tv community. She is answerable for utilizing Nicaragua Diseña to help the fraudulent presidential and parliamentary elections that came about on November 7, 2021, by creating false accounts on totally different platforms. social networks.

As the director of Channel 13, she has contributed to spreading the hate speech of the Ortega regime towards the civic opposition and on the similar time has restricted editorial plurality and persecuted journalists and unbiased media in Nicaragua, annulling freedom of expression and all efficient electoral competitors.

It has performed a central position within the suppression of political pluralism and within the definitive dismantling of Nicaraguan democracy.

Laureano Facundo Ortega Murillo: He is intently concerned in actions to help the presidential couple, as an advisor to the presidency. He has justified and supported the arbitrary and unlawful imprisonment in Nicaragua of political leaders and presidential candidates, scholar and rural leaders or unbiased journalists, whom he has described as “terrorists.”

By contributing to the elimination of efficient electoral competitors, it has performed a central position within the suppression of political pluralism and within the definitive disarticulation of Nicaraguan democracy.

He is answerable for the operation of BanCorp (Corporate Bank), an entity whose primary goal is to help, sponsor and supply monetary help to the repressive actions of Vice President Murillo.

Brenda Isabel Rocha Chacón: Since May 2021, she has been the president of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), the physique answerable for the preparation, holding and certification of elections that undermined democratic establishments and processes resulting from their lack of transparency, true opposition and debate. democratic.

The CSE disadvantaged the opposition of the chance to face in free elections and ensured that the elections had been organized underneath undemocratic circumstances.

The European Union justified, with the identical argument as Rocha, the sanctions for Lumberto Ignacio Campbell Hooker Y Cairo Melvin Amador Arrieta.

Nahima Janett Díaz Flores, director of Telcor. Photo: Taken from the Presidency.

Nahima Janett Díaz Flores: It is the director Telcor, who has been employed by the Nicaraguan authorities to silence the unbiased media.

In the train of his place, Díaz Flores has been a supporter of the Ortega regime, and has directed and carried out disinformation and surveillance actions of civil society and the democratic opposition by means of Telcor.

Role of the Army, Telcor and Eniminas

In the US case, the Treasury Department grouped these sanctioned by sector to which they belong. Regarding the Nicaraguan Army, it indicated that “not only did it refuse to order the disarmament and dismantling of the paramilitary or ‘para-police’ forces during and after the civic uprising, but also provided weapons to the ‘para-policemen’ who committed acts of violence against the Nicaraguans ”. For that purpose they had been sanctioned: Rosa Adelina Barahona, Bayardo de Jesús Pulido Ortiz Y Bayardo Ramón Rodríguez Ruiz.

Regarding Telcor, the US Administration recalled that “on November 1, 2021, Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) eliminated a trolling farm of more than 1000 social network accounts managed by the Ortega-Murillo regime, operated mainly by employees of Telcor, to influence public opinion in favor of the regime and disseminate negative information ”.

Starting in April 2018, the trolley community tried to discredit pro-democracy protesters and amplify pro-government content material.

Since 2007, the regime has attacked the media in an effort to silence them, typically utilizing Telcor as a device of repression.

For these causes they had been sanctioned: Nahima Janett Diaz Flores Y Celina Delgado Castellón.

Regarding Eniminas, the Treasury Department burdened that, since its creation in 2017, the Government “increased its participation in the mining sector, especially in the extraction of gold, through joint ventures with private companies.”

“The value of Nicaraguan gold exports has increased dramatically in recent years,” boosting income for its allies within the personal sector and rising income for Eniminas, which is run by senior figures within the ruling social gathering.

“Because Eniminas acts on behalf of the Government of Nicaragua, Eniminas officials are, therefore, officials of the Government of Nicaragua.” For this purpose he was sanctioned Ramón Humberto Calderón Vindell.

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