Héctor Beltrán Leyva, my nice buddy, however we by no means did any enterprise

Mexican cleaning soap opera actor Andres Garcia threatened to sue the investigative journalist Anabel Hernandez, to make sure in his ebook “Emma and the other narco ladies“(2021) that the artist has ties to Mexican cartels.

“I know almost all of them (drug traffickers), and some of them are much more decent and much kinder than her, but from there, since I have made money with them, to check it, she is going to have to prove it before a judge” , criticized the actor on his YouTube channel within the final hours.

The actor defined that he is aware of many drug traffickers as a result of it’s a part of his job to be good to folks it doesn’t matter what they do.

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“She allowed herself the luxury of saying that I am a partner of the narcos. I narco her damn mother and father. I do know almost all the narcos and some are very gentlemen, most not like her. Why? Because I am a figure public and they approach me to meet me and it is my job to be kind and answer the public whoever they are. I am not going to ask you what you do to see if I can talk to you because otherwise this asshole is going to say that you are a murderer and that I have dealings with murderers, “he stated in a 7-minute video posted on his Instagram account.

“Héctor Beltrán (Leyva) my great friend, but we never did any business. And did he visit me? Of course we did, and we had a great time and had a tequila together. I wish I had been a partner of his, he would be a billionaire now.”

He referred to as Hernández a profiteer who seeks to realize fame by defaming folks.

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“She wants to get publicity so as not to starve, because she is starving. She can’t go around saying shit to become famous, to check a peso that I have received. She bases all her shit that a close friend who knows Andrés García who He was there and he saw it, let him tell who that friend is, let him show a photo.

“Learn to respect. You are a cockroach and I do not step on you with the heel of my shoe as a result of it will get soiled on me.”

In his book, Hernández assures that García was related to different drug traffickers, mainly with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, leader of the defunct Beltrán Leyva organization and killed in a confrontation with sailors in 2009.

Penguin Random House, the publisher that publishes Hernández’s most recent work, censored the actor’s statements.

“Since the ebook got here out in numerous pronouncements, the actor Andrés García has accepted and corroborated the content material relating to his particular person. In his most up-to-date video, he confirms once more what the writer investigated about his encounters with members of the Cartel de los Beltrán Leyva, ”the group stated in a press release on Monday.

Former Mexican congressman Sergio Mayer and his spouse, in addition to actresses Alicia Machado and Arleth Terán and the host Galilea Montijo are a small half with which the bosses are linked to leisure, in response to the journalist on December 5.

In addition to García, the singer and actress Ninel Conde confirmed a lawsuit in opposition to the additionally writer of “El Señor del Narco” (2010).

“Emma and the other ladies of the narco” addresses the function that ladies play within the dynamics of corruption and the logistics of prison organizations.

In the textual content, written as a part of a protracted investigation concerning the drug cartels that Hernández has carried out for greater than a decade, he affirmed that many actresses, fashions and drivers in Mexico have been attracted by drug traffickers.


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