Craig Harrington was not proud of the draw for América Femenil


The helmsman of the azulcremas acknowledged that the equalizer towards Atlas didn’t depart him glad.

Craig Harrington was not happy with the Azteca.
© Imago 7Craig Harrington was not proud of the Azteca.

América Femenil drew in its debut within the Clausura 2022 event of the MX League towards Atlas at Aztec stadium. The one-goal equalizer may appear optimistic given the circumstances of the match wherein they have been down on the scoreboard very early, along with being left with one man much less. Despite that, the technician Craig Harrington He claimed to not have been glad.

I am not happy with the result. I feel like we played well with 10 players, better when we were 11. I feel bad that I did not get the result. I am not happy with the result. There was only one team wanting to play and clearly that team was us “, he expressed on the finish of the sport.

On the opposite hand, the cream helmsman didn’t need to converse sick of the refereeing, however he was very particular in mentioning that Mayra pelayo he acquired a blow to the face within the space that was not penalized and he was reprimanded for addressing one in all his soccer gamers; nonetheless, he acknowledged that his squad should be adequate to recover from these issues.

One of my players got kicked in the face, they gave me a yellow for talking to my players. I don’t want to talk about refereeing, we are too good a team to fall for those things. We must improve and not let arbitration affect us “, shared the coach of the Americanistas.

Finally, Harrington He didn’t promise to offer a selected date to have his full group and its new gamers out there as a consequence of circumstances such because the Covid-19 or the imponderable ones like accidents.

I cannot say when I will have my team due to the moment we live with Covid. Montse trained a session and introduced herself. It’s hard to say that. With Katty (Martínez) it is the same case. It is no excuse, we will always put the best team on the field “, Hill.

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