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The singer Juanes He has been speaking about in current days because of a video posted on Instagram through which he mentions that he doesn’t like social networks and that he’s already bored with them.

The paisa was in a restaurant along with his spouse, the actress Karen Cecilia Martinez, when he determined to document himself commenting on the the reason why he feels rejection by these digital platforms.

I hate what meaning, what that suggests. What to do

“The problem I have is that I hate social networks, I hate them”, He started by commenting on the interpreter of ‘The black shirt’, who additionally clarified that he doesn’t hate folks or his viewers or followers, however that what actually bothers him is the dynamics that these purposes deal with.

“I hate what that means, what that implies. What has to be done ”, mentioned the artist.

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As he defined, he not feels comfy with the very fact of pondering always in regards to the issues that he ought to publish or to not make his followers comfy and be always interacting.


“Me saying: but what am I making up? No, I’m tired of that, I don’t want to invent anything else, it’s worth (…) the social network ”, he claimed.

This dynamic mentioned by the singer, about constantly inventing content, is often called ‘engagement‘, which means commitment in its translation into Spanish, and which refers to the emotional connection that content creators make with their audience so that they do not stop following them and so that the number of fans grows even more.

In the video, he also pointed out that contrary to what he thinks, his wife and children do “They love social networks.”

Ceci loves them “Juanes said. To which his partner commented: “No, everybody loves them (…) He likes to ‘gossip’ to folks.”

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The paisa ended up confessing that from time to time he does use these platforms “to gossip, however not all the time”, noting that he does not agree with the addiction that some people have.

All day there watching what everyone seems to be doing, I do not prefer it. I’m very busy, I’ve many issues to do“He said to end his recording.

In this regard, many Internet users showed their support for the artist’s opinion and confessed that they also think the same about these social media.

It needed to be mentioned and it was mentioned“,” You are proper, social networks had been made to socialize however most don’t socialize “and”According to you and worst of all is that now expertise is measured in keeping with the variety of followers that the particular person has”, had been a few of the reactions.

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