$ 118 million paid by the Cajicá Public Services Company to lease an electrical automobile to its supervisor

Mini Cooper SE Electric.  Image: courtesy Mini
Mini Cooper SE Electric. Image: courtesy Mini

A Mini Cooper car, a hundred percent electrical, was rented by Equirent Vehicles and Machinery SAS to the Public Services Company of Cajicá EPC, for the usage of its supervisor Hugo Rodríguez. A millionaire contract signed on December 21, 2021 and that at the start of January begins to generate disagreement in Cajiqueños.

Precisely some of the touched factors of this contract is the amount of cash allotted to a Mini Cooper when the municipality of Cundinamarca has confronted severe inconveniences as a result of lack of sources to take a position. “They answer us in the council sessions that they do not have money to invest in updating the aqueduct and sewerage networks, but they do have the resources to invest one hundred and eighteen million pesos in a high-end vehicle ” Councilor María Teresa Piedrahita talked about.

In addition, the councilor defined that the Public Services Company has some addresses which are answerable for every of the providers offered by the entity and every one has autos for this objective. He additionally commented that the Mini Cooper must be given the respective logos of the EPC however in accordance to what’s evidenced by images, this has not been achieved.

The Cajicá Public Services Company has justified the aforementioned contract that they have to present residence public providers and should present them completely and effectively all through the city and rural territory of the municipality of Cundinamarca. It additionally mentions that Hugo Rodríguez as supervisor should journey inside and outdoors the municipality of Cajicá, for the event of administrative and monetary points in inter-administrative agreements, particularly in journeys to Bogotá.

Councilor María Teresa Piedrahita expressed her doubts within the nationwide media relating to the rental contract. “I don’t know why the manager wants a Mini Cooper, Cajicá is one of the smallest municipalities in the department, it only has fifty-two square kilometers and getting around Cajicá is really easy by bicycle … If the manager wants to get around, he can do it in a much cheaper van or if you want to contribute to the environment, let’s go in clean vehicles but not at these costs ”.

Another controversial difficulty is the worth of the lease that’s equal to 59 million pesos per 12 months, whereas the identical car available on the market has a value near $ 160 million. In this manner, with the price of renting the car, it might be acquired in simply over two years of the signed contract.

Hugo Rodríguez, Manager of the Public Services Company of Cajicá.
Hugo Rodríguez, Manager of the Public Services Company of Cajicá.

When speaking with the supervisor Hugo Rodríguez’s workplace, it was reported that he was doing a little errands in Bogotá, exactly within the Mini Cooper, however Juan Navarrete, the EPC’s administrative assist contractor, defined: “We do not acquire any assets and that is associated with the costs of the operation to have tax benefits.”

The contract dated December 21 that entails the Public Services Company of Cajicá and Equirent Vehicles and Machinery SAS, is obtainable on the web page of the Electronic System for Public Procurement SECOP, is for a worth of $ 117’984,000. The car launched on the finish of 2021 has a 190 horsepower electrical motor, which permits it to maneuver with out choose and tag alongside the roads of cities with choose and tag reminiscent of Bogotá, and a spread of about 200 kilometers based on worldwide requirements.


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