Train and care of the pelvic ground, keys to well-being throughout menopause

Menopause is a stage within the life of each girl that usually develops between 45 and 55 years of age on common. It is a vital second within the life of ladies, in which there’s the everlasting cessation of menstruation and so they happen, each bodily and emotionally. Talking about menopause and feminine sexuality continues to be a taboo topic in society, however in Spain, greater than half of ladies undergo from signs associated to menopause that have an effect on their high quality of life.

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The easiest therapy to alleviate the consequences and signs of menopause is to comply with a wholesome and balanced weight-reduction plan, along with common bodily train, which can assist preserve a lady’s weight and high quality of life, assuaging most of the signs. typical of this stage.

Abdominal pain patient woman having medical exam with doctor on illness from stomach cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic discomfort, Indigestion, Diarrhea (Abdominal pain patient woman having medical exam with doctor on illness from stomach cance

A nutritious diet and bodily train are efficient instruments to alleviate signs.

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Performing bodily exercise, which has advantages if practiced at any age, could be among the finest methods to deal with menopause. Among different issues, bodily exercise helps ladies management the buildup of fats, permits the secretion of hormones comparable to endorphins, which can enhance temper and maintain temper swings at bay; along with selling the formation of collagen, which can be seen each on the pores and skin and within the joints, additionally serving to to forestall osteoporosis.

What ought to train be like throughout menopause

The bodily exercise that’s practiced on this interval will depend upon the bodily state of every girl, however in any case, specialists advocate that or not it’s a average train routine to keep up good well being, particularly in such an vital stage and so many adjustments for girls. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends, for all adults, to train at the least twice every week to make sure muscle strengthening, in average depth or intense cardio actions, relying on bodily situation, which within the In the case of ladies who’re going by the menopause stage, it may be a real ‘life saver’ to regulate the signs derived from this course of.

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It is really useful to hold out actions of average depth or intense cardio kind, relying on the bodily state.


“In many cases, exercise can alleviate other associated symptoms such as hot flashes, palpitations, sleep problems, changes in mood or headaches,” explains Eva Tello Cadarso, physiotherapist and specialist in pelvic ground and hypopressives at Fisioterapia Eva Tello Cadarso, in Zaragoza, “Then, with physiotherapy and specific treatments, incontinence, vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse or constipation can be treated.”

Among the really useful workout routines are strolling, operating or swimming; but in addition workout routines that mix resistance and steadiness, comparable to Pilates, which improves muscle mass and postural tone.

Pilates Class in Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso (Zaragoza).

Pilates Class in Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso (Zaragoza).

Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso.

“It is very important to tone the muscles. In order not to take unnecessary risks, the first thing to bear in mind is that the loads with which we work will always have to be adapted to our physical state at that time, ”explains Tello, who leads a number of Pilates, yoga and hypopressive gymnastics teams in his middle, “Not because you have come to lift more weight at some point in your life does it mean that now you can continue doing it, circumstances change; And not because we want to achieve our goals in record time should we carry more weight or make more effort than our body can afford. We will always have to progress, giving our body time to adapt ”.

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Walking is a perfect exercise to help you lose weight.

For the specialist, the secret is within the group of the routine: “It is very important that the exercises are well planned and executed. The ideal thing is to turn to a qualified person within the world of physical activity or physiotherapy to know which muscles or muscle groups work in each exercise and what compensations can and should not appear ”, he insists,“ It is vitally important to know which muscles there are to activate before exercising and if at any time we feel fatigue, we must stop this activity or reduce the level of demand to avoid possible injuries ”.

Hypopressives, a very good choice

“The main objective of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics is to tone the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor in a safe way, reducing the pressure of the abdominal cavity. That is why it is a very common practice among women in postpartum and menopause “, explains Tello, who signifies that strengthening the muscle mass within the space helps fight problems comparable to urinary or fecal incontinence, along with tending to lower prolapses, thus enhancing the supportive operate of the descended organs.

Hypopressives in Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso (Zaragoza).

Hypopressives in Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso (Zaragoza).

Physiotherapy Eva Tello Cadarso.

“On an aesthetic and functional level, by strengthening muscles such as the transverse abdomen that acts as a natural girdle, it helps to achieve a flat stomach and reduce the perimeter of the waist,” provides the specialist, who factors out that the follow of the sort of Hypopressive workout routines even have postural advantages: “It is something very interesting for people who suffer from low back pain, since it reduces the pressure of the intervertebral discs.”

As if that weren’t sufficient, the sort of train can also be really useful for these with respiratory issues, because it helps them with the method and improves their high quality of life: “When performing the workout routines in expiratory apnea, it brings a number of respiratory advantages, since it really works the diaphragm, the primary respiratory muscle, and will increase thoracic capability, enhancing our respiratory and sports activities efficiency ”, he concludes.

The significance of pelvic ground care

“The pelvic floor muscles are highly influenced by hormones, so there are key moments in a woman’s life in which special attention must be paid, such as menopause,” explains Tello, a pelvic ground specialist.

Overweight senior woman, 83 years old, lying on ground, feet on huge ball, doing exerciseor abdomen and pelvic floor (Overweight senior woman, 83 years old, lying on ground, feet on huge ball, doing exerciseor abdomen and pelvic floor, ASCII, 116 compon

It is really useful to strengthen the pelvic ground muscle mass.


Failure to keep up ample tone and energy within the belly and pelvic ground muscle mass may cause various kinds of accidents, and causes them to change into distended. Over time, Tello tells us, this will pose an issue: “This distention can cause permanent problems in the muscles and end up leading to possible prolapse of organs that are held in position thanks to the pelvic floor such as the bladder, the uterus. or the rectum, giving rise to possible urinary, fecal or gas incontinence ”.

Like any muscle within the physique, it may be naturally weakened by age, inactivity and, within the case of menopausal ladies, hormones; pelvic ground issues usually are not unique to ladies who’ve skilled pregnancies.

Eva Tello CadarsoPhysiotherapist

The significance of exercising that space of ​​the physique is important if we wish to keep away from these issues. The skilled recommends working towards workout routines to extend the energy and resistance of the realm.

“We must be aware of protecting our pelvic floor against pressure increases in the abdominal cavity. To do this, we need to have at least the necessary strength to counteract this increase in pressure, which can occur if we make efforts routinely, such as jobs in which weights are lifted; if we carry out specific activities such as high-impact sports, or if we have a sedentary lifestyle, with which the muscles naturally weaken ”, explains Tello.

Three senior women in exercising yoga in yoga studio.

There are a number of options to dwell menopause with out discomfort.

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Within physiotherapy, there are numerous strategies to work on pelvic ground dysfunctions. Among others, the perineal therapeutic massage. However, it’s at all times essential to make an entire evaluation, together with the musculature of the realm and attainable belly diastasis, with the intention to proceed with the collection of the very best train and therapy, with the potential for utilizing instruments comparable to electrotherapy, within the case of every girl and the traits of her musculature ..

If earlier than menopause now we have stored the pelvic ground in good situation, it doesn’t have to offer us issues; but when it was already considerably weakened, at this stage signs could start to look or current ones could change into extra acute.

Eva Tello CadarsoPhysiotherapist

For Tello, the secret is to train, regardless of when it begins: “It is never too late to start and everything that is done during this stage will stop this evolution of loss of muscle tone and improve its function,” he insists.

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