Yahir claims to be residing hell because of the addictions suffered by his eldest son

The Mexican artist opened his coronary heart in an interview for this system Windowing and he mentioned he was residing a horrible second after Tristan revealed that he’s bisexual and would go into appearing in pornographic movies as a result of his well-known father didn’t help him together with his sexual desire.

Yahir with son Trist & # xe1; n / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Yahir with son Tristán / Mexico Agency

Strongly denying this data, Yahir commented: “I am living a nightmare, I am logically sad, with a son with an addiction disease, relapsed, after a long time of struggling a lot with all this addiction, with a son who is in trouble again, and does not want to know anything about anyone, that is, he wants us to accept him like this with everything and his addiction, and the truth is, I can’t, I can’t have a child with addiction with me, my son needs to be clean with me, because he is a person when he is not on drugs, and he is another person when he is using ”.

When questioning him about whether or not he had already realized to not be a codependent particular person, the interpreter of “Hallucinated” was honest and revealed that he’s going to remedy to fight all these issues in his private life. “I believed, the truth I believed (that I no longer), but no, I am totally codependent and well, I am taking my therapies and well, to follow him. I don’t have words to express my pain with all this, really, but hey, there is a show that I have to go to give ”.

Later, the actor additionally asserted that he has not had communication with Tristán for the reason that second the younger man confessed what he would do together with his life. “The last time I spoke with him was that he told me to accept all this, and I can’t, I can’t accept it, I can’t, because of so many things, because of values, I taught him other thingsThis is not a world that I taught him, nor drugs, nor this, I always taught love to family, to be united, I come from a family where everyone is very united, and we continue to be, and he doesn’t want to be part of this world ”.

Yahir with son Trist & # xe1; n / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Yahir with son Tristán / Mexico Agency

To finish the interview, Yahir reiterated that his son has the doorways open to search for him when he desires to alter his life, along with confessing that he has tried to cover this entire scenario with some members of his household.

“The one who has to make the change is him, He has to want to change this whole situation, he really wants to and he counts on us, with all our love and support. […] I am here, and I have always been, all my life I have been with him, he is my treasure, he is my first child, he is my priority, for so long, in so many years. Now I have another boy, and I also have to watch for him, my son Ian is a beautiful thing, then my mother is, my grandmother is very old, and there I am trying to cover things up and trying to hide these things that are happening ” , he concluded.

Yahir with his son Trist & # xe1; n / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Yahir together with his son Tristán / Mexico Agency


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