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We have obtained some curious info associated to a distinguished Switch title. We are speaking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a really broad title, and reaching 100% of the sport could be a very troublesome process. Below you may see a number of the necessities to attain 100% from the title:

  • Defeat the 4 Divine Beasts.
  • Defeat Ganon.
  • Find and overcome the 120 shrines.
  • Find all 900 Korok seeds.
  • Visit every location on the named map.

But, after having reached the utmost proportion within the title, it’s nonetheless doable to carry out completely different duties. Here is an inventory of missions and content material to play after technically finishing the sport:

  1. Overcome the remainder of major missions along with defeating Ganon. These are non-obligatory and should not taken into consideration within the sport proportion.
  2. Complete the 76 aspect missions out there within the title.
  3. Find the 18 reminiscences within the map.
  4. Find all garments and enhance them utilizing the good fairy fonts.
  5. Get all sorts of bridles and saddles for horses.
  6. Maximize stock each objects and recipes utilizing 441 Kolog seeds.
  7. Complete the 385 album entries each weapons and creatures corresponding to enemies and animals.
  8. Win all Kilton medals.

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