Juan Rivera assaults the youngsters of the deceased Jenni Rivera | Well-known

All via a stay broadcast that he made on Instagram the place he addressed the problem of controversy audit requested by Johnny López, the youngest of the late singer’s offspring, and who has divided the household.

Juan Rivera explodes towards his nephews, the youngsters of Jenni Rivera

It’s been a shame from the beginning, “he accused,” since this roll (of the audit) began, but if they believe that I am going to allow, or that I am going to keep quiet and allow them to stain my name just like that because yes, no; I don’t think anyone would. “

He argued that he has solely tried to see for the sake of Chiquis, Jacqie, Michael, Johnny and Jenicka, the youngsters that the singer had, who died at 43 years outdated and tragically in an accident air on December 9, 2012.

“I tried to take care of them as if they were my own children,” mentioned Juan Rivera, “for a long time I spent more time there. Although I tried to show them so much affection, it was still worth it. they treat you like trash“.

Juan Rivera will not be afraid of audit outcomes

“It turned out that Jenni’s (music) hadn’t come out anymore because they gave me and Lino money for a producer and we stole the money. Say who that producer is, check me out“, he highlighted.

He identified that it was the boy who gave the order that nothing needs to be revealed on his well-known mom’s social networks: “To my sister’s followers, go to April 25 of this year and you will see that from April 25 to 14 In June there was not a single ‘post’ from Jenni because my nephew Johnny said that he made the executive decision to no longer upload anything from Jenni. “

“Jenni’s ‘streams’ dropped drastically and that’s why there are also papers. On June 2 we wanted to release two new songs, they said ‘no’, “he mentioned.

He additionally defined why, apparently, his sister’s youngsters haven’t absolutely acquired the inheritance she left them.

“As far as I know, Jenni left marked three ages for the money to be delivered to them; the first at 25 because my sister wanted them to learn to work and the rest later because Jenni wanted them not to spend everything. “

“As an employee of the company I am going to ask for all the numbers of everything that has been paid to me and I also already have the list of all the projects that I did and have never been paid and honestly they are thousands of dollars and i have proof“warned Juan Rivera.

“Get the numbers whoever that fails. When you do the audit, I invite you to do it, get those numbers, I invite you, “concluded the businessman, who has defined that he didn’t deal with his sister’s legacy, however was an worker of the corporate directed by Rosie Rivera.


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