Jerry Rivera to Don Omar: “You don’t dance more than me”

As a part of the Christmas festivities, salsero Jerry Rivera presents the theme “You don’t dance more than me”, along with the exponent of city music, Don Omar.

This track is the primary single from the album “Urban Tradition”From the record label Sugar cream music and it is now available on all digital platforms.

The topic “You do not dance greater than me” It is a sauce marked by cadence and flavor, perfect for dancers and “cocolos” from the forest. The mix of voices from Jerry Rivera and Don Omar strengthen the contagious rhythm so that this song quickly becomes a classic for the Christmas festivities.

“I am very grateful to be able to continue making music after a 30-year career. Don Omar had already interpreted tropical songs so it seemed perfect to me that we do this together. He has the ability to carry the key and the swing that we salseros like and in this matter he demonstrated it. We trust that this song will be to the liking of the salsa audience and also of the young followers of urban music ”, Rivera highlighted who presents this theme in advance of his concerts in Puerto Rico that will be held at the Coca-Cola Music Hall on February 26 and 27 of next year.

The composers Randy Peña “Yman”, Abraham Rondón, Israel Rodríguez De La Cruz “Fortuna” were the authors of the song “You do not dance greater than me”. The musical arrangement of the song was in charge of Rei Ortiz and it was recorded and produced in the state of Florida with a renowned group of Latin American musicians.

“This song is a dream come true and it comes out at a perfect time because, for me, it is a Christmas gift to be able to collaborate with maestro Jerry Rivera, whom we all recognize as an icon in the tropical music industry and a glory of our Puerto Rico ”, Don Omar commented on what is anticipated to be the musical success of this Christmas season.

The video clip of the theme “You do not dance greater than me” it is representative of the joy and camaraderie that exists in the festivities of Puerto Rican culture. In addition, the video clip features the participation of Pirulo, Nico Canada, Yomo, Randy and producer Naldo.

The album “Urban Tradition” It consists of songs for the dancer, the lover of “fat salsa” and for the younger followers of city music who had been raised by a technology of salsa music, so that they absolutely take pleasure in each musical genres. It additionally consists of the songs “Arbolito” carried out by Pirulo and “Brisa Navideña”, by Yomo.

The report label Sugar cream music is among the firms created by Don Omar to proceed contributing to the leisure business. It was based with the dedication to depart a legacy to new generations of Latin music performers, producers and composers.

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