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An fascinating compilation lately shared comes again to us that’s associated to one of the distinguished titles within the catalog on the hybrid console. This time we’re speaking about Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl.

The checklist you’ve gotten beneath consists of some everlasting change codes that they provide from Dexerto to get the initials, the unique ones of every model and people who evolve by Exchange.

They are as follows:

Starting Pokémon

Code Pokémon you’ve gotten Pokémon you need
0387-0390 Turtwig Chimchar
0387-0393 Turtwig Piplup
0390-0387 Chimchar Turtwig
0390-0393 Chimchar Piplup
0393-0387 Piplup Turtwig
0393-0390 Piplup Chimchar

Version exclusives

Code Pokémon you’ve gotten Pokémon you need
0010-0013 Caterpie Weedle
0023-0027 Ekans Sandshrew
0058-0037 Growlithe Vulpix
0086-0079 Seel Slowpoke
0123-0127 Scyther Pinsir
0198-0200 Murkrow Misdreavus
0207-0216 Gligar Teddiursa
0239-0240 Elekid Magby
0246-0371 Larvitar Bagon
0273-0270 Seedot Lotad
0303-0302 Mawile Sableye
0335-0336 Zangoose Seviper
0338-0337 Solrock Lunatone
0352-0234 Kecleon Stantler
0408-0410 Cranidos Shieldon
0434-0431 Stunky Glameow


Code Pokémon you’ve gotten Pokémon you need Evolution
0061-0061 Poliwhirl (outfitted with Pride Rock) Poliwhirl (outfitted with Pride Rock) Politoed
0064-0064 Kadabra Kadabra Alakazam
0067-0067 Machoke Machoke Machamp
0075-0075 Graveler Graveler Golem
0079-0079 Slowpoke (outfitted with Pride Rock) Slowpoke (holding firm outfitted with Roca del Rey) Slowking
0093-0093 Haunter Haunter Gengar
0095-0095 Onix (outfitted with Metallic coating) Onix (outfitted with Metallic coating) Steelix
0112-0112 Rhydon (outfitted with Protector) Rhydon (outfitted with Protector) Rhyperior
0117-0117 Seadra (outfitted with Dragon Scale) Seadra (outfitted with Dragon Scale) Kingdra
0123-0123 Scyther (outfitted with Metallic Cladding) Scyther (outfitted with Metallic Cladding) Scizor
0125-0125 Electabuzz (outfitted with Electrizer) Electabuzz (outfitted with Electrizer) Electivire
0126-0126 Magmar (outfitted with Magmatizer) Magmar (outfitted with Magmatizer) Magmortar
0137-0137 Porygon (outfitted with Upgrade) Porygon (outfitted with Upgrade) Porygon2
0233-0233 Porygon2 (outfitted with Strange Disc) Porygon2 (outfitted with Strange Disc) Porygon-Z
0356-0356 Dusclops (outfitted with Terrible Cloth) Dusclops (outfitted with Terrible Cloth) Dusknoir
0366-0367 Clamperl (outfitted with Sea Tooth) Clamperl (outfitted with Sea Tooth) Huntail
0366-0368 Clamperl (outfitted with Sea Scale) Clamperl (outfitted with Sea Scale) Gorebyss

How to commerce

Remember that you will need to observe these steps to change with different gamers:

  1. Enter the Global Room
  2. Talk to the nurse and choose the choice ‘Yes, with a hyperlink code’ when prompted
  3. Enter the distinctive change code you need to use from the tables above.
  4. Start an change or discuss to a Coach who has a snack on his head.
  5. Select the Pokémon you need to commerce and make sure the commerce

We remind you that on the internet you’ve gotten details about the remakes about:

What is your opinion? Do not hesitate to depart it within the feedback. Finally, it’s also possible to discover our full protection of this sport, together with all of the guides, right here.


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