Venezuelans assault Pablo Montero with insults for singing to Maduro

Venezuelans are enraged with the Mexican artist Pablo Montero for singing “Las Mañanitas” to the ruler Nicolás Maduro on the event of his birthday and branded him a “communist” and “dragged” on social networks the place they peppered him with insults.

Images from a video launched by the Venezuelan state tv channel (VTV), on Tuesday night time, present Montero wearing a typical charro costume singing the well-known tune to Maduro within the Miraflores Palace, seat of presidency.

“May God bless you all,” mentioned the actor, after which expressed to Maduro “many congratulations” merging in a giant hug with him.

Maduro, sporting an enormous Mexican hat, accompanied by his spouse Cilia Flores, whom the Chavistas name “the first combatant”, obtained the Mexican singer in one of many inside gardens of Miraflores, within the heart of Caracas.

“With much love I received the Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero at the Miraflores Palace. Thank you for bringing us the strength of Mexico and singing these songs for me and all the Venezuelan people. The doors of Venezuela will always be open to you, Pablo, ”Maduro mentioned on his Twitter account.

The response of many Venezuelans was fast they usually launched fierce criticism towards Montero, accusing him of allegedly receiving cash that’s required to equip hospitals with drugs.

“What Nicolás Maduro paid you for your show was used to provide hospitals with medicines,” mentioned Angela M. Polo on the interpreter’s Instagram account of “Pídemelo todo” and “Gracias”.

It has not transpired if Maduro paid Montero to sing to him in celebration of his 59 years of age.

The person who identifies himself as Castillo Apitz regretted the efficiency of the Mexican artist and reminded him that “there is a lot of suffering that this man has caused us (Maduro). Much falls short. Many tears, much pain. It’s a shame what you did ”.

Frank Genero wrote “Congratulations! Now you have a lot of money stained with blood from the dictatorship !!! Money from hunger ”.

Another Instagram person, Víctor J. Rincón, accused Montero of “laundering money from the Venezuelan drug traffickers. You lent yourself to continue mocking that oppressed people, by a dictatorial, communist government. How bad you were, Pablito ”.

Anderson Alvarez instructed the singer that with the alleged fee for singing in Venezuela, many issues of kids and adults who “die in public hospitals due to lack of supplies could have been solved, it could help patients who suffer from cancer and have no resources. ”.

“Or you could simply support the number of people who starve and work as a result of a minimum wage that does not even reach $ 3 a month … How about? How is your conscience, “he added.

Venezuelans additionally lashed out at Maduro on his Twitter account.

“With the money of the Venezuelans you celebrate your birthday while thousands of compatriots with their bellies glued to their spines, how sick in emergencies without supplies and medicines, hospitals without anything, languid pensioners with a pension of no blockage is for the bags,” commented a person recognized as Rojas Zuki.

Juan C. Chacón V. acknowledged that whatever the “responsibility of the US with its ‘blockade’, the Europeans with their conspiracy, the OAS with their aggression and the opposition with their theft of money abroad, Venezuelans are suffering a lot. to also have to put up with the waste of these antics .. !! ”.

This story was initially printed on November 24, 2021 10:23 am.

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