The United States warns of the rise in incidents on flights and orders better vigilance

Washington – The United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, on Wednesday ordered the nation’s federal prosecutors to prioritize the circumstances of airline passengers who’ve dedicated robberies and different crimes on board airplanes, after the Government has detected a pointy improve of incidents of this kind up to now this 12 months.

In an announcement, Garland assured that the US Justice is dedicated to utilizing its assets to forestall violence, intimidation, threats of violence and different prison behaviors that “endanger the safety of passengers, flight crews and flight attendants. in commercial airplanes ”.

This new order comes a month after the American president, Joe biden, said that he had given instructions to the Justice Department to “deal” with the increasing number of violent incidents on board airplanes.

According to the Department of Justice, US airlines have reported a record number of incidents on board their aircraft, mainly related to regulations of the coronavirus pandemic.

So far this year, 5,338 incidents of misbehavior or passenger violence have been reported, including 3,856 involving orders to cover the mouth with a mask, according to data from the American Aviation Federation (FAA). English).

Of these cases, the US agency has initiated more than 1,000 investigations, of which more than 200 are already in court and 37 have been referred to the FBI.

That’s a sharp increase compared to the 183 investigations the FAA started in all of 2020 or the 146 it conducted in 2019.

“Federal legislation prohibits assaults, intimidation and threats of violence that intervene with flight crews and flight attendants, in addition to different prison acts that may happen through the flight,” Garland highlighted in this regard.

Earlier this month, a Colorado state prosecutor charged a 20-year-old California boy with assaulting a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight to Santa Ana, in the golden state.

Although no additional particulars of that case are recognized, the assault compelled the airplane to land sooner than anticipated.

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