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Local authorities in Chattanooga, Tennessee (United States), arrested a person recognized as Jerry mcdonald, 49, after his spouse discovered textual content messages on his cellphone wherein an alleged plot to assassinate her was evidenced.

She was attempting to speak together with her work to say that she wouldn’t be on the afternoon shift, so she took the phone of her husband and known as his workplace. In the center of the method, he seen that McDonald had a dialog with an unknown lady, opened the chat and located what had been most likely going to be his loss of life warrant.

This lady is price one million, I’m saying we kill her and cost

According to data obtained by the American media ‘New York Post’, within the chat you possibly can learn McDonald’s initiative to persuade his alleged lover to homicide his spouse after which go stay collectively.

In the dialogue you possibly can determine Vanessa nelson, 39, discussing with McDonald the opportunity of killing the plaintiff in an effort to receive an financial profit in return, since she had life insurance coverage that assured compensation to her husband with a big sum of cash.

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Upon studying the lurid texts, the girl – who didn’t wish to determine herself to the media – known as the Police, who took cost of the person and proceeded to maintain him on the station native.


The horrible messages had been printed by native media.

“Do I have to kill her?”asks Vanessa Nelson. “Yes, you have to kill her, please, I beg of you (…) This woman is worth a millionI’m saying that we killed her and she charged a million (dollars) so that we can live like the kings and queens that we are “McDonald responds, utilizing foul language about his companion.


Jerry McDonald wished his alleged lover to homicide his spouse.


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

What is implied within the report, compiled by the medium ‘’, which attended the case first-hand, was that part of the chat ends there, however then they proceed speaking about some particulars of the cash.

“There are over a million in your father’s safe. I’m saying they won’t catch me”Says McDonald. “We are not criminals, we do not care about money, at least not me”, Nelson confidently solutions.

“Neither do I, however this can be an excellent path if we resolve to take action. I’m not kidding, all I need is you, ‘child’. It’s all that issues to me“McDonald concludes.

Clearly, the couple separated in the middle of the lawsuit.

Versions given by the plaintiff mention that it never crossed her mind that a person like the man she married had the ability to come up with such a macabre planThey had been married for two years and had known each other for 20 years, so their relationship had been long-lasting and close.

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McDonald will have to pay a bail of 75 thousand dollars (298 million pesos) and appear before a county judge on November 30.

Meanwhile, it has not been possible to obtain information on Vanessa Hamilton and her legal status, since it is not clear whether she was captured or implicated in the judicial determinations imposed on Jerry McDonald.

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