Madrid assures that to retain MIR it’s needed to bolster Primary

Retain the MIR in Primary Care. That is the target between the eyebrows of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid. How do you hope to attain it? Among different measures, “Clearly betting” on this degree of care and “convincing” the residents with “the best contracts that the regulations allow” and placing all of the “possible facilities” on the desk.

Inauguration of the III Madrid Congress of the Spanish Society of Generals and Family (SEMG).

This has been highlighted by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid Plan of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, in the course of the inauguration of the III Madrid Congress of the Spanish Society of Generals and Family (SEMG). In this sense, he has emphasised the position and capabilities of Primary Care, that are none apart from “seeing patients with more time per consultation”, from the proximity that the well being heart gives within the neighborhoods and “reducing bureaucracy.”

All this to be able to handle professionals at a degree of care that has been “essential” in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. “If there is no Primary Care, there is no health system”, has alerted Zapatero, who has requested “help” to Family docs to boost the standard requirements of the Madrid Primary, “the best in Spain.”

Zapatero: “If there is no Primary Care, there is no health system”

It has additionally highlighted the urgency of rethink the “excessive accessibility of Primary Care” to keep away from “the feeling of frustration and unfilled positions”. As has been proven, in Madrid there are 300 well being facilities open morning and afternoon. “This is very difficult” to hold out, he identified. Therefore, it has introduced that the Ministry of Health is “assessing things as they are currently”.

“During the pandemic, Madrid Primary Care had the capacity to reorganize itself, and it did so under conditions in which available resources were reduced”, has additionally acknowledged. In this sense, he recalled how a area hospital was in-built just a few days in Ifema, one thing that, in his opinion, “will go down in history.” “The evolution of Covid-19 has meant an extra tension in Primary Care, without forgetting the chronic and acute pathologies that continued to exist ”, he expressed. “All this has been possible thanks to the efforts of all professionals”, has manifested.

Challenges and challenges of Primary Care

Zapatero has additionally listed among the challenges and challenges that Primary Care faces: dwelling care, enhancing nursing roles, investing in new data and communication applied sciences and approaching the post-covid affected person. This final problem has indicated that it’ll primarily have an effect on Primary Care, for that purpose, it has advocated for the “collaboration and participation” of all components of the well being system to coach the Primary to face it with solvency.

Thus, he recalled that Madrid has a Plan to Strengthen Primary Care which has already been launched, and which emphasizes the reinforcement of workforce and the necessity to promote work-life stability.

Primary Care prevented the collapse of hospitals

For his half, the president of the SEMG, Antonio Fernandez-Pro, has valued Primary Care and its “impressive work.” “It should be noted because our job is not media, but is quiet and daily, a continuous effort.” In truth, he has ensured that “Primary Care has prevented hospitals from collapsing”.

Like Zapatero, Fernández-Pro has additionally pointed to the skilled conciliation as one of many priorities of Primary Care, as a result of if not, he warned, “the health professionals will continue to leave.” In addition, it additionally considers the implementation of the telemedicine as one of many elementary challenges, in addition to transmitting to the citizen that “the health system is theirs, not that of the professional or the health authority.”

Fernández-Pro: “Primary Care does not need a patch, it needs a comprehensive reform”

Regarding the sources of Primary Care, the president of the SEMG has expressed that “The political will to reinforce it is reflected in the Budgets” of the group. In this context, he has stated that the SEMG will work to “empower the Family doctor” whereas insisting that “Primary Care does not need a patch, it needs a comprehensive reform so that once and for all it is a fundamental axis of the system ”.

Finally, the president of the SEMG in the Community of Madrid, Isabel Jimeno, has referenced a recurring allusion: “they say that we need illusion”. For this reason, it has opted for the “pleasure” of all the professionals in the sector, although at the same time it has recognized that Family doctors “have many issues”, such because the difficulties that mutual well being professionals must seek the advice of medical data or the trouble made in nursing houses.

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