A nephew of Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas reveals intimacies of the Castro household

The actor and audiovisual producer Carlos Alejandro Rodríguez Halley, Luis Alberto’s nephew Rodriguez Lopez-Callejasure, revealed intimate particulars of the ex-husband of Raúl Castro and head of the Cuban navy conglomerate GAESA, in addition to the Castro household.

Rodríguez mentioned he acquired threats from his cousin Raúl Guillermo Rodríguez Castro (El Cangrejo). “‘Take care of yourself, you worm, that I am there for you.’ International Institute of Artivism “Hannah Arendt” (INSTAR), directed by the artist Tania Bruguera.

“Me I do know that Raulito (El Cangrejo) is on drugs. I have seen him drugged heavy (strong) in front of me “mentioned Carlos Alejandro Rodríguez, who lives in Madrid, Spain.

“I’ve always been clear about it: If the Americans removed the blockade, the credit of the North American banks would enrich that dictatorship and of course expand its army and its influence throughout Latin America.“, he affirmed on the embargo of the United States to the regime.

Rodríguez identified that “As far as you know” El Cangrejo has no bar in Havana. “He is good friends with a boy who owns a bar. Vilmita (Vilma Rodríguez Castro), probably the Airbnb has been in her name, but I know the owner of that mansion, lives here (Spain), is a friend of my cousin, but that house is not hers“, mentioned.

Regarding the scenario in energy in Cuba, he mentioned that “they are waiting for all those dinosaurs to die “to divide the nation. “How many dinosaurs are there? That is, Raúl Castro, José Ramón Machado Ventura, Ramiro Valdés, Guillermo García Frías… they are people who are – I think – over 90 years old, “he added.

Carlos Alejandro Rodriguez He is the grandson of the late Major General Guillermo Rodríguez del Pozo. “My uncle Luis Alberto always lived apart from the family. I imagine after he married Déborah, Raúl Castro’s eldest daughter, he became a member of the royal family, as many people say “.

The actor mentioned that He returned to have a better relationship along with his uncle López-Callejas when he was finding out in highschool with “Vilmita”. “As a child I did belong to the families in power, I went to the house of Raúl (Castro), the houses of Varadero,” he mentioned.

As he mentioned, relationships are very primary, macho. “There is the patriarch who has the maximum respect, nobody argues in front of him, whatever he says is done. That wave is lived as half fear, that the other has a power that can screw us“.

Rodríguez mentioned that in school of the youngsters of the leaders, in 1st and twenty eighth, Miramar (Havana), there have been issues with medicine and even the loss of life of an unidentified Cuban for its consumption. The Marcelo Salado faculty was high-performance for athletes of the varsity and youth groups however the youngsters of the leaders used it to keep away from colleges within the countryside. The faculty was turned in 2019 right into a social circle.

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