What is gastrostomy? Surgical procedure carried out on Carmen Salinas

The household of Carmen Salinas placeholder picture reported that this Tuesday, November 23, the actress obtained a tracheostomy and gastrostomy, interventions that had been carried out with out issues and she or he is secure.

The additionally producer and former deputy was hospitalized in emergency on November 11, because of a stroke, which retains her in a coma.

“We are going to start with the processes that are followed, which is the tracheotomy, which will be done tomorrow, and on Thursday they will do the gastrostomy. So it is not serious, they are the steps to follow. Intubation hurts the vocal cords and lips. She is at risk of infections“Carmen Plascencia explained in an interview for the Hoy program.

He also shared that the actress shows more reflections in her body, This is when some of your family members or doctors talk to you.

What is gastrostomy?

It is a surgical intervention that is performed in order to place a tube from the abdominal wall to the stomach, to be able to feed a patient (without passing through the mouth or esophagus), when it is not possible to do it orally. The cases in which this process is carried out are: cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral palsy, throat tumors, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and / or when the patient has difficulty swallowing.

In the portal of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) it is described that for this procedure “the doctor will use an endoscope as a guide to make a small opening in the skin of the abdomen directly into the stomach. This procedure allows the physician to place and secure a feeding tube in the stomach. Patients are usually given an IV sedative and an IV antibiotic is given before the procedure. ”


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